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|hometown = [[Twinleaf Town]]
|hometown = [[Twinleaf Town]]
|region = [[Sinnoh]]
|region = [[Sinnoh]]
|family = [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]] [[George]]
|family = [[Dawn (anime)|Dawn]]
|class = [[Coordinator]]
|class = [[Coordinator]]
|firstappear = ''[[Following A Maiden's Voyage!]]'' <small>(Anime)</small>
|firstappear = ''[[Following A Maiden's Voyage!]]'' <small>(Anime)</small>

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Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Dawn
Friends: Noa
Class: Coordinator
First Appearance: Following A Maiden's Voyage! (Anime)
Voice actor: Sarah Natochenny

Johanna is the mother of Dawn. Once a great Grand Festival Champion and strong Pokémon Coordinator. She eventually decided to settle down and start a family. She is incredibly caring of Dawn and helps her on her way, offering insight to situations via the phone. When Dawn left, Johanna gave Dawn one of her old ribbons.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Johanna Glameow.
Johanna has had Glameow for a fairly long time. She used it to win many of her Contest battles in her career. However after she settled down, Glameow became a trusted family pet and friend to Johanna and Dawn. It has some powerful attacks such as Quick Attack, Shadow Ball & Swift that worked well in combination with Johanna's Umbreon in a double battle.
Pokémon Information
Johanna Umbreon
Johanna's Umbreon was first seen when Ash & Co. returned to Twinleaf Town for the special Twinleaf Festival. While there, Johanna had a double battle with Dawn for training and used Umbreon in this battle. It managed to hold its own in battle and worked well with Glameow and used many attacks including Quick Attack, Shadow Ball & Swift and managed to easily defeat Dawn. Johanna then later used it against Palmer in the Twinleaf Festival.

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