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Jessica[1] (also known as Jessie in Japanese as ムサシ Musashi) is a member of Team Rocket. She tends to be a drama queen and has a diabolical temperament. She works with James and Meowth. Their main goal is to steal Pokémon, preferably Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. She and James have rivalry with Butch and Cassidy. Jessie's name is sometimes spelled as Jesse, as her name comes from the infamous outlaw Jesse James.


Jessie has a long red hair in a snake style and blue eyes and she is usually seen in a Team Rocket uniform, which consists of a long black sleeves, a white sleeved midriff with a large red R on it, a white short skirt and black thigh-high boots. She also wears green earrings.

From Pokemon Advance series and onwards, Jessie's hair is changed from red to fuchsia pink.

When a wild Scyther and its swarm attacks them, it manages to slash Jessie's long hair which is now styled into a shoulder length like James in Tracey Gets Bugged. But in A Tail with a Twist when a wild Seviper manages to bite her hair it was ripped off and her hair becomes medium length all these hairstyles are getting angered by Jessie herself when each of the Pokémon had accidentally cut her long hair.

In the events of Pokemon: Black & White after she was promoted to Advanced Agent, Jessie's Team Rocket uniform is now charcoal gray before it changes back to the original white after this season. Not to find out that she was from Team Rocket, She wears a dark purple trenchcoat, a matching sunglasses and a fedora hat to conceal herself.


Jessie is the complete opposite of the Team Rocket trio who had a very tough streak personality of being prone to anger and very vain. She also values her beauty and became conscious of her long hair, she becomes furious if her face or her hair is damaged. A prime example is in Tracey Gets Bugged when a younger Scyther manages to slash her hair into a shoulder length causing her to be devastated and tries to scare the captured swarm of Scyther in a wicked manner and physically beats Pokemon such as Meowth and her Seviper before she caught it in her Poké Ball. Jessie also shows her violent outrage when someone insults about her beauty by calling old or Misty calls her an "old hag". Her anger also scares James and Meowth especially their missions ends up in a failure.

Jessie has a special preferences to snake-like Pokemon such as her Ekans who later evolved into Arbok and her Seviper. She also makes preference her love of Poison-type Pokemon as seen in The Ninja Poke-Showdown!.

Jessie also has a long-standing rivalry with Cassidy another member of Team Rocket as their rivalry is mostly pronounced in some episodes involving Cassidy and Butch much like Ash's rivalry with Gary Oak. In Grating Spaces!, it reveals that Jessie and James manage to ruin their vacation privileges such as plane tickets for their vacation which they give to Brock's parents, Flint and Lola while posing as gym re-modelers and the two Pokémon sent by Team Rocket's Delibird are used to fight Ash's Donphan and Brock's Steelix. Jessie can be seen devastated for their actions after realizing these privileges belongs to both Butch and her rival, Cassidy.

During the events in Pokémon: Black & White, Jessie's tough personality has been subsided due to her promotion as an Advanced Agent. Her personality soon changes from calm, collected and much more relaxed but maintains her mean streak when facing Ash and his friends.



Jessie was a poor girl with a cold past whose mother, Miyamoto, disappeared in an avalanche on an expedition with Team Rocket to capture the legendary Pokémon Mew. As a child, her foster mother (her real mother in the dub) cooked with a "base ingredient," the snow. So, Jessie enjoys eating snow. She would even go out of her way to get some and make some of her mother's old "recipes." 

Younger jessie

Jessie as a child.

Not much is known about Jessie's past. In the chapter nine of the first season, Jessie talks about her bad memories of study in the Pokémon Technical Institute. At the time, she already knew James; they studied together for "a big test", but after getting the lowest grades in the school's history, they joined a bike gang in Sunny Town episodes later. Jessie went to Team Rocket after failing in her attempt to become a Pokémon nurse, partly due to the fact that the Pokémon nursing school she attended was only for Pokémon who wanted to be nurses (in this case, the Chansey), not for people. But she did not know that until graduation day.

More recently, it was learned that she was studying dance at a school with two friends, letting go of one of her first youthful loves in order to pursue her dream of being a star. However, she failed the test of dance and regrets not having accepted the invitation to accompany the boy to compete in Pokémon Contests. Not much is known of her former love life, but she said that has never been very lucky in love as her sweethearts have either treated her unfairly and/or abandoned her. She is later paired up with James, a rebellious rich-boy who doesn't want to follow his family wishes, and Meowth, a fast-talking Pokémon who has dreams of being on top. She is close friends with the two of them, even though she often behaves irritably towards them. She is shown to be very fond of James, as seen in Holy Matrimony!, when she was reluctant to leave him behind with his fiance. She is overjoyed when James returns and reveals his intentions to continue working with her and Meowth, despite the fact that he had to relinquish his family inheritance to do so.

As of her, James' and Meowth's promotion and transfer to Unova, Jessie has become a highly skilled stealth artist, an excellent athlete, and is often successful in many missions with her team mates, to the point of the trio becoming a serious enemy for Ash and co. The trio were key in Team Rocket's Meteorite plan, taking orders directly from Giovanni himself as well as his secretary. Jessie and her team-mates worked together with Pierce and met Doctor Zager.

Once the plan culminated, Jessie and her team-mates were asked to do as they please in Unova, so they continued working hard to do Team Rocket good and now worked closely with Zager. Ash had thus become less important to them but they would still antagonize him if he interfered in their plans.

In The Scare of Litwick Mansion, she, James and Meowth had their life energy drained by four Litwick which they are also warned by Doctor Zager because of their origins. The trio are forced to teamed up with Ash and his friends after she was saved by Ash from being engulfed into the Ghost World to fight against the four Litwick and its leader, Lampent. After James made the first attack from his Yamask and allowing Cilan's Dwebble to attack them with its X-Scissor, her Woobat manage to knock Lampent with Air Slash after it deflects its Inferno by Ash's Oshawott and allowing Pikachu to blasts them away to the Ghost World with Electro Ball. After the incident and their life energy restored, Jessie tells Ash and his friends that they will meet them as enemies while James informs them that they will get Pikachu the next time they meet before they fly away with their jetpacks.

In the games, Jessie and James are supposed to be the same age as Ash. However, according to a special CD available only in Japan, Jessie and James are in their 20's in the second episode of Anime. An episode of the season Master Quest, reveals an old woman who is 120 years old. Jessie amazed at the replica which is 10 times her age. As Jessie obviously has more than 12 years, Meowth asked her where she learned mathematics. She has a long going rivalry with fellow Team Rocket Member Cassidy.

In the episode "The Ultimate Test," while filling out an application she says aloud, "Age: 17, Profession: Diva." She was in disguise and therefore is probably lying about her age (as one should expect she would), but we can at least assume she would not claim to be older than she is because that would go against her character.

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Coordinator Disguises

In Hoenn, Jessie began to compete as a Pokémon Coordinator, and although she was not successful, she continued to participate in each Pokémon Contest she could. At each contest, she disguised herself due to the notoriety of Team Rocket as a whole. Initially, she cheated, using technological assistance and intervention of James and Meowth, but then began to compete fairly. She often borrowed Pokémon from James for the contests, and has repeatedly used Meowth as one of her Pokémon. Despite losing in all contests in which she participated in Kanto and Hoenn, in the Sinnoh region, she won three ribbons herself, using her Dustox, Yanmega and Seviper, and obtained a ribbon after James won a contest in her place, as well as receiving one from Princess Salvia after she lost to her. Jessie then became eligible to participate in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, and made it to the semi-finals, but lost to Dawn. She also participated in Summer Camp Pokémon and got a diploma/credit for having studied (she was disguised Jessilina). Jessie was the leader of her ragtag group, and she was not afraid to show it. After the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Jessie abandoned the Jessilina alias.

Jessie repeated the disguise method during the Kalos Showcases, using the alias Jessilie. Using Meowth, Gourgeist and Wobbuffet, she won at least three Princess Keys (at least one through legitimate means), allowing her to participate in the Kalos Master Class. Much like the Grand Festival, Jessie made it to the semi-finals, but lost to Serena.


The Electric Tale of Pikachu

Main article: Jessie (ETP)

Ash & Pikachu

Main article: Jessie (A&P)


On hand

Pokémon Information
Jessie Wobbuffet
She accidentally traded it for her Lickitung with a boy named Benny in Chapter Bazaar. It almost always leaves his Poké Ball like Misty's Psyduck, May's Skitty, Brock's Croagunk, Ash's Oshawott, and Clemont's Chespin. It is sometimes used to defend against attack, but it usually fails. While Jessie was traveling through the Unova Region she left Wobbuffet at HQ but upon returning received him back.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Gourgeist
Jessie caught Pumpkaboo after she tripped over it's horns when it appeared on the ground, she threw her Pokéball at it and immediately catching it. She used for a showcase in Coumarine City but lost. She has used it on several occasions to capture Pikachu and other Pokémon. Sometime later during a costume festival, Jessie traded her Pumpkaboo in exchange for Count Pumpka's Mawile in hopes for Mega-Evolving it. However, when she saw the results of her Pumpkaboo evolving into Gourgeist during her trade, she changed her mind and traded it back.
Pumpkaboo → Gourgeist

At Team Rocket HQ

Pokémon Information
Jessie Seviper
Jessie caught Seviper after beating him for "eating" Jessie's hair, which enraged Seviper as well as Jessie. It has been used in many contests but never won. It is also the main Pokémon Jessie uses for battles in Sinnoh and Hoenn.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Yanmega
Jessie captured Yanmega as a Yanma after another trainer weaken it first. Yanma evolved soon after being caught while in a battle against Ash and his friends in The Thief That Keeps on Thieving!. Jessie used Yanmega in many battles and contests. In the episode Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!, she is the only Pokémon present not effected by the evil female Togepi's Attract (due to Attract not effecting Pokémon of the same gender) and Jessie reveals she was unaware Yanmega was female until Brock pointed it out.
Yanma → Yanmega
Pokémon Information
Jessie Woobat
In the Unova Region, Jessie was revealed to have gotten it from a cave swarming within a group. It was later used against Ash's Pidove and won.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Frillish
Jessie caught a female Frillish while going back to Unova.


Pokémon Information
Jessie's Shellder
Jessie captured a Shellder, who needed to get Professor Westwood V's Slowpoke to evolve into a Slowbro. Though Shellder managed to evolve Slowpoke, the new Slowbro defeated Team Rocket.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Arbok
This Ekans was a birthday gift and was her most beloved Pokémon. It accompanied Jessie from the beginning of the anime. Eventually it evolves into an Arbok because Jessie wished desperately for it to. It is released to protect a group of Ekans in A Poached Ego. It knew Poison Sting, Headbutt, Wrap and Dig.
Ekans → Arbok
Pokémon Information
Jessie Magikarp One
Jessie bought a Magikarp (thinking it was a Feebas) from the Magikarp salesman (the same salesman that has deceived James many times). It was later released in the same episode.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Dustox
Jessie captured Dustox as a Wurmple under the belief that it would evolve into a Beautifly. She captured Wurmple at the same time as May caught her's. After a battle against May, it evolved into a Cascoon, not a Silcoon. It later evolved and became one of Jessie's most cherished Pokémon. Jessie later released her to go with a shiny Dustox to make a family and be happy.
Wurmple → Cascoon → Dustox


Pokémon Information
Benny Lickitung
Jessie captured Lickitung in Princess Vs. Princess, in the same episode Jessie used it in the Princess Festival and was defeated by Misty's Psyduck. After accidentally exchanging it for Wobbuffet, it was never seen again.
Pokémon Information
Count Pump Mawile
During the costume festival, a man named Count Pumpka offered Jessie a trade for her Pumpkaboo in exchange for his Mawile. Jessie accepted the offer, hoping that she would Mega-Evolve it. However, after Jessie saw her traded Pumpkaboo evolving into Gourgeist, she traded it back.


Pokémon Information
James Weezing
Used James's Weezing to use in their battles in the Princess Festival.
Pokémon Information
James Cacnea
She used James' Cacnea to use it in several contests.
Pokémon Information
James Chimecho
Used James's Chimecho for use in several of their contests.
Pokémon Information
James Mime Jr
Used Jame's Mime Jr. for use in several of their contests.
Mime Jr.
Pokémon Information
Harley Cacturne
Harley lent his Cacturne for use in one of Jessie's contests.
Pokémon Information
Harley Banette
Harley lent his Banette for use in one of Jessie's contests.
Pokémon Information
James Carnivine
Used James's Carnivine for use in several of their contests.
Pokémon Information
Dawn Aipom
Aipom was provided by Ash after she saved the life of the Pokémon, with Aipom, Jessie participated in an unofficial Pokémon Contest. It overpowered Dawn's Pachirisu without much effort.


Pokémon Information
Nurse Joy Blissey
Jessie and this Chansey met at a medical school where Chansey learn to become Pokémon nurses. They both studied together at the school, but unfortunately Jessie couldn't pass because she was human, and the school was meant for Pokémon. Jessie and the Chansey part ways, but Chansey left Jessie with a broken piece of her graduation necklace. Jessie is reunited with this Chansey many years later, when she is in team rocket in the episode Ignorance is Blissey. She recognizes the broken graduation necklace, and is thrilled to find that her old friend has evolved into a Blissey, and realized her dream of being a Pokémon nurse. This Blissey tends to get a little over-excited when it comes to aiding people, usually spilling what it is carrying or something of the sort, but it's intentions are for good.
Chansey → Blissey


Pokémon Information
Giant Hitmonlee
Hitmonlee was stolen from a trainer and used in a fighting contest.
Pokémon Information
Porygon Zero
In the banned episode "Electric Soldier Porygon", Team Rocket stole a Porygon (also called Porygon 0) from Dr.Akhibara and used it to battle Ash and his friends. He was later left at Dr.Akhibara's house.
Porygon 0
Pokémon Information
Giovanni Rhydon anime
Rhydon is one of the Giovanni's Pokémon that he entrusted to Jessie, James and Meowth so they could defeat gym challengers while he was away from the Viridian City Gym.
Pokémon Information
Giovanni Kingler
Kingler is one of the Giovanni's Pokémon that he entrusted to Jessie, James and Meowth so they could defeat gym challengers while he was away from the Viridian City Gym.
Pokémon Information
Giovanni Machamp
Machamp is one of the Giovanni's Pokémon that he entrusted to Jessie, James and Meowth so they could defeat gym challengers while he was away from the Viridian City Gym.
Pokémon Information
Team Rocket Delibird
It is the "tax collector" for Team Rocket when they were at Johto. It occasionally sticks around for a battle, but refuses to do any work for them and flies away if they ask for help.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Charizard
Jessie used and stole Charizard in One Trick Phony!. She attempted to use it against its owner, but it was only obedient inside the battle park.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Blastoise
Jessie used a Blastoise in a Battle Park in One Trick Phony! .
Pokémon Information
Clair Dragonite
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Pokémon Information
Taillow anime
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Taillow (multiple)
Pokémon Information
Anthony Pelipper
In "You Said a Mouthful!" This was one of the Pokemon stole from Anthony.
Pokémon Information
Anthony Bellsprout
In "You Said a Mouthful!" Bellsprout was one of Anthony's Pokemon that were stolen by Team Rocket.
Pokémon Information
Anthony Magby
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Pokémon Information
Anthony Magnemite
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Pokémon Information
When Jessie went to Team Rocket training academy she was partnered up with a man named Jubei, which she shared a Mankey with.
Pokémon Information
Ash Pikachu
After Pikachu lost its memory, Team Rocket told it that it belonged to Team Rocket and that it was member.
Pokémon Information
Geodude AG137
Team Rocket manipulated King Onix's followers Geodude, Graveler, and Golem to attack the heroes in an attempt to capture their Pokémon.
Geodude (multiple)
Pokémon Information
Graveler AG137
Team Rocket manipulated King Onix's followers Geodude, Graveler, and Golem to attack the heroes in an attempt to capture their Pokémon.
Graveler (multiple)
Pokémon Information
Golem AG137
Team Rocket manipulated King Onix's followers Geodude, Graveler, and Golem to attack the heroes in an attempt to capture their Pokémon.
Golem (multiple)
Pokémon Information
King Onix
Team Rocket manipulated King Onix and his followers to attack the heroes in an attempt to capture their Pokémon.
King Onix
Pokémon Information
Cassidy Charizard
Jessie received a Charizard from Delibird and used in a battle with James and his Aggron against Ash and Brock for control of Pewter City Gym. In the end it is revealed that Jessie and James got those Pokémon in error and that they were intended for Butch and Cassidy and therefore must be returned to Delibird.
Pokémon Information
Brock Croagunk
Before belonging to Brock, Croagunk fought for Jessie, helping her, James and Meowth scam trainers' out of their Pokémon by defeating them and then promise them that they would train their Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Summer Academy Smoochum
Jessie used Smoochum while she was in the Pokémon Summer School.
Pokémon Information
Summer Academy Hippowdon
Jessie used Hippowdon in the Pokémon Summer School race.
Pokémon Information
Jessie Magikarp
She used Magikarp in One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! to compete in a Triathlon.
Pokémon Information
Iris Emolga
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Pokémon Information
Exploud BW141
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Pokémon Information
Grumpig XY061
Jessie temporarily used Grumpig to capture Pikachu for Giovanni, it controlled all the Spoink, but attacked the bandaged Spoink that Ash later befriended, it defeated Bonnie's Dedenne, but lost against Ash's newly-evolved Sliggoo with Dragon Breath.
Pokémon Information
Sycamore Garchomp
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Garchomp ↔ Mega Garchomp
Pokémon Information
Blue Flower Florges anime
Team Rocket blackmailed Florges into destroying the wetlands, She challenged Ash's Goodra who was originally a Goomy to a battle, and she realized Goomy had evolved. She was eventually defeated by Goodra's newly-learned Ice Beam.
Pokémon Information
Under Giovanni's orders, James, Meowth, and Jessie took Z-2 under their care and attempted to capture it for themselves. However, their plan failed when Team Flare and Alain appeared and took Z-2 away.
Pokémon Information
No Image
Jessie temporarily borrowed a Heracross from Dohga and Ether in an attempt to help capture Magearna. However, their attempts failed when Volcanion interfered and stopped it from happening.
Heracross ↔ Mega Heracross

Status unknown

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Pokémon Information
No Image
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Additional Information

Solaceon Town Ribbon In DP 67 Jessie beats Kenny's Prinplup and won her first ribbon.
Majolica Town Ribbon In DP 102 while Ash was fighting Fantina, Jessie is seen participating in a Pokémon Contest in which she won with her Yanmega.
Lilypad Town Ribbon In DP 146 Jessie was very sick so James disguised himself Jesselina was presented with Meowth and were won the contest after Carnivine winning over a Tyrogue (after having defeated Dawn's Mamoswine in the Semi-Final).
Neighborly Town Ribbon In DP 167 Jessie competed in a contest in which Johanna (Dawn's mother) was a judge.
Arrowroot Town Ribbon In DP 171 Jessie lost in the contest. Princess Salvia, disguised as Dawn, gave her the ribbon for the performance she gave during their battle in the Final round.

Contest rankings

  • Rustboro Contest: Appeal Round
  • Fallarbor Contest: Top 4
  • Verdanturf Contest: Top 4
  • Lilycove Contest: Top 4
  • Pacifidlog Contest: Top 4
  • Saffron Contest: Top 8
  • Chrystanthemum Contest: Top 8
  • Mulberry Contest: Runner-up
  • Jubilife Contest: Runner-up
  • Unofficial Contest: Winner
  • Floaroma Contest: Top 8
  • Hearthome Contest: Top 8
  • Wallace Cup: Appeal Round
  • Solaceon Contest: Appeal Round
  • Chocovine Contest: Top 4
  • Sandalstraw Contest: Top 4
  • Brussel Contest: Unknown
  • Daybreak Contest: Top 8

Grand Festival ranking

Jessie placed in the following Grand Festival competitions:


In Kalos, Jessie started to compete as a Pokémon Performer, and like in Sinnoh contests she was successful enough to become a semi finalist. Her main goal was to be Kalos Queen like Aria and take over the Kalos region. This time, she uses fair methods to participate in showcases.

Showcase Rankings

She won at least two other showcases off screen, though the towns and methods are left undisclosed.

Master Class ranking


Voice Actresses


  • Jessie's and James' English names derive from the notable outlaw Jesse James.
  • In Plant It Now... Diglett Later, an old woman says to Jessie that she is 120 years old and Jessie says that's 10 times her age, meaning that she is 12 years old. Because Jessie and James are described as idiotic, it could just be bad math on her part, or a typical case of a vain woman claiming to be younger than she really is, which would be within Jessie's character.
  • In some scenes Jessie is seen without lipstick. Most of these scenes were bloopers but few were on purpose. Examples would be of her as a child and when she was working out at the gym.
  • Despite her and James being major characters throughout the anime and manga, they have only appeared in the first Generation games.
  • Jessie is the only female main character to appear in all generations of the anime as Misty only appeared as a main character in 2 generations while May, Dawn, Iris, and Serena have so far only appeared in 1 generation as a main character.
  • In the official Cartoon Network site for Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies, it had a typo for Jessie that it did not have an "I" included in the character selection on the Title Header.[2]
  • Out of her teammates, Jessie has the biggest appetite. as reveled in episodes: Choose it or Lose it, Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine, Doc Brock, and An Egg Scramble.
  • Originally, Jessie's hair was a pinkish shade of magenta that often would vary in a reddish shade of magenta; however, starting from "Here's Looking At You, Elekid", it became a purplish shade of magenta.
  • Jessie is shown to care about her Pokémon despite her nasty temperament.
  • Jessie is the second main character to trade a Pokemon back.  The first is Ash in Battle Aboard the St. Anne.
  • Jessie was probably named after the famous Missourian outlaw Jesse James considering Jessie is an outlaw/robber too. 


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