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Jessie's Wobbuffet
ムサシのソーナンス Musashi's Soonansu
Jessie Wobbuffet
Trainer: Jessie
Gender: Male[1]
Ability: Shadow Tag (not yet activated)
Debut: Tricks of the Trade
Caught where: Johto
Received in: Tricks of the Trade
Current location: With Jessie
Traded to: Jessie
Traded for: Benny's Lickitung
Traded In: Tricks of the Trade
Original trainer: Benny

This Wobbuffet is a Psychic-type Pokémon owned by Jessie. Serving the Team Rocket trio, he often plays the role of recurring antagonist in the anime series.


Wobbuffet was originally owned by a young trainer named Benny, who fell for a scheme of Team Rocket's, posing as a trading machine designed to steal Pokemon. In a commotion caused by another meeting with the Magikarp Salesman however, Jessie accidentally placed her Lickitung into the machine, unknowingly trading with Benny for real. When the trio tried to ward off Ash and his friends after being revealed, Jessie discovered the trade to her dismay, now stuck with the patient Pokemon. Wobbuffet put up a decent fight, fainting Chikorita with his Counter attack, though couldn't repel Pikachu, with the trio sent blasting off with their new team mate.

Despite continuing to travel with Team Rocket throughout Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, Wobbuffet was only irregularly used in battle, serving more often as comic relief and as a cheerleader of sorts. Like Misty's Psyduck, May's Skitty, Brock's Croagunk, Ash's Oshawott, and Clemont's Chespin, he likes to pop out of his Poké Ball randomly, often joining the trio in their antics, as well as their motto.

Jessie left her Wobbuffet at Team Rocket HQ along with her Yanmega and Seviper when they went to the Unova region in the Black and White series. Despite this, Wobbuffet still appeared with Meowth in the Pikachu shorts of this era.

When Jessie and James gave their Unova Pokémon to Giovanni, they lamented they had no Pokémon to use for their upcoming mission, until Wobbuffet popped up behind them, surprising the trio. Jessie retrieved her Wobbuffet and headed to the Kalos region, returning as an active member in the XY series. Though still acting as comic relief, Wobbuffet has proved more active and competent in Kalos, being more dangerous in battle and able to resist even stronger attacks from Ash's team.


Wobbuffet often comes across as rather vaccuous and air headed, blindly following his teammates and often irritating them with it's dopey behaviour. It often comes out of his Poke Ball on its own accord, a trait that annoyed Jessie early on, and thus is often seen travelling with the trio on foot in many schemes, even joining in on their motto.

Despite his goofy behaviour however, Wobbuffet has often proven very loyal to Jessie and the rest of Team Rocket, even showing heavy affection to them at times. He has proved rather easy going and submissive. Unlike previous Team Rocket Pokemon, he has no problem following other members such as Meowth, usually serving as a travel buddy in the Pikachu shorts. He also seems to follow Meowth's tendency of being a rather armorous Pokemon, having fallen in love more than once (his love for a benevolent Kirlia was the only instance he was willing to betray his team, preventing her capture).

Following the stipulations of his games counterpart, Wobbuffet can be rather formidable in battle under the right circumstances. Though he cannot initiate his own attacks, his Counter and Mirror Coat sometimes give the heroes difficulty attacking him, as well as making him convinient as a strategic shield for the rest of the team.

Known moves

Move Episode
Jessie Wobbuffet Mirror Coat
Counter Tricks of the Trade
Bide - A Hot Water Battle
Mirror Coat Imitation Confrontation
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actor and actress


  • Jessie's Wobbuffet is the third most prominent Pokemon in the series (after Ash's Pikachu and Team Rocket's Meowth), having appeared since the original series and appearing in every series since then.
  • Wobbuffet is also among few characters to still retain his original English voice actor after the studio change from 4Kids Entertainment to The Pokémon Company. Kayzie Rogers has voiced him since his debut (though on some occasions via stock footage in her temporary absence).
  • Barring Meowth, Wobbuffet is the only Team Rocket Pokemon of the original series to still be owned. He is also the only one to have been recalled to the team since being released or left at HQ.
  • It is unknown if the face on Wobbuffet's tail is alive but in some episodes of the anime it can be seen moving its face.
  • Wobbuffet's perpetual interruptions or punctuations to his team's bantering are designed as a punchline in the Japanese edit. His regional name "Sonans" serves as a pun of the phrase "That's the way it is".



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