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Jessie's Seviper

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Jessie's Seviper
Musashi's Habunake
Jessie's Seviper
Trainer: Jessie
Gender: Male
Ability: Unknown
Debut: A Tail with a Twist
Episode captured: A Tail with a Twist
Caught where: Petalburg Woods
Current location: Team Rocket Headquarters
Evolved: Does not evolve
Jessie's Seviper is a Seviper caught by Jessie after beating him to a pulp for "eating" her hair, which enraged Seviper as well as Jessie. He knows the moves Poison Tail, Bite, Wrap and Haze. It has been used in many contests but never won. It is also the main Pokémon Jessie uses for battles in Sinnoh and Hoenn. Seviper is considered to be the replacement for Jessie's Arbok



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