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[[File:Jessie Wurmple.png|thumb|Dustox as a Wurmple]][[File:Jessie_Cascoon.png|thumb|Dustox as a Cascoon]]
Jessie Wurmple.png|Dustox as a Wurmple
Jessie_Cascoon.png|Dustox as a Cascoon

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Jessie's Dustox
Musashi's Dokucale
Trainer: Jessie
Gender: Female
Ability: Unknown
Debut: All in a Day's Wurmple
Episode captured: All in a Day's Wurmple
Caught where: Petalburg Woods
Current location: Dustox Flower Field
Released In: Crossing Paths
Evolved: 10 episodes as a Wurmple

4 episodes a as Cascoon

Evolves In: A Corphish Out of Water
Jessie's Dustox is one of Jessie's Pokémon that she caught during her travels through Hoenn. Jessie caught Dustox on her way through Petalburg Woods as a Wurmple. It later evolved into a Cascoon and then a Dustox and became Jessie's main contest Pokémon during her Hoenn and Kanto contests. In Crossing Paths, Dustox was released during the Dustox Crossing to mate with a special colored Dustox and has not been seen since. Her Japanese voice actress is Chinami Nishimura, and her English voice actors are Amy Birnbaum (Seasons 6-8) and Michele Knotz (Seasons 9-111). As a Wurmple Tara Jayne voiced her, as a Cascoon Amy Birnbaum voiced her.




  • Jessie's Dustox has something in common with Ash's Butterfree; both Pokemon were released by their trainers in order to have a relationship with another of their kind.

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