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(ルミカ Rumika)
Gender: Female
Region: Kanto
Family: Mother (unnamed), Father (unnamed)
First Appearance: Holy Matrimony!
Voice actor: Rachael Lillis (English (Holy Matrimony!))
Michele Knotz (English)

Jessiebelle is a recurring character who spent time with James at a young age.


Even though they were at this time young, James' mother and father chose her to become his bride, and planned an arranged marriage for the future. Though Jessiebelle and James were to be wed, he was very much afraid of her, due to her bossy attitude and qualities. Additionally, Jessiebelle has a very similar appearance to Jessie. Jessiebelle's similar appearance to Jessie is very accurate. Seeing her aggressive attitude, James decided to run away.

The fact that Jessiebelle was supposed to marry James, and that Jessie looks a lot like Jessiebelle and James left Jessiebelle to go be with Team Rocket.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Jessiebelle Vileplume
Jessiebelle has had Vileplume (as an Oddish) since she was a child. By the time she and James meet again, it has evolved into Vileplume.
Oddish → Gloom → Vileplume


Jessiebelle is a pun for Jezebel the wicked wife of King Ahab the evil king of Israel. She controlled her husband and led him to perform sinful deeds much like the way Jessiebelle attempts to control James.

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