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Type Water  Type Ghost
Species Floating Pokémon
Abilities Water Absorb
Cursed Body
Damp (DW)
Frillish ← 593 → Alomomola
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova 099/181 Kalos N/A
Evolves From Frillish
Evolves Into None
ブルンゲル Burungeru
Generation V
Evolutionary Line
50% ♂ / 50 % ♀
Weight Height
297.6 lbs. 135.0 kg 7'03" 2.2 m
Pokédex Color Egg Group
White Amorphous
Shape Footprint

Jellicent (Japanese: ブルンゲル Burungeru) is a Water/Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V.



Jellicent are enormous aquatic jellyfish-like Pokémon that share some traits with octopuses. They possess a regal appearance. Their bodies are mostly composed of sea water. Like its pre-evolution, its appearance varies depending on its gender. Male Jellicent are cyan blue in colour with a thick light blue mustache-like membrane curing around its face; it has round blue eyes with red pupils, and its three lower tentacles are lined with diamond-shaped light blue markings. Female Jellicent are bright pink in colour, with a frilly light pink membrane curling around its body, red eyes with blue pupils and two long black eyelashes, and a red lip-like mouth; its lower tentacles are bordered by light pink frills. Jellicent have large, round, bulbous heads with small crown-like features on top.


According to legends, Jellicent seem to capture, and consume anything that enters their territories (including ships), by dragging them down into the depths of the ocean.

Special Abilites

Jellicent absorb sea water and propel themselves through the water by rapidly expelling it.


Jellicent evolves from Frillish at level 40.


Trainers With A Jellicent

Game Info

Game Locations

Jellicent Locations
Version(s) Location Rarity
Black/White Route 4, 17, 18, Driftveil City, P2 Laboratory Rare
X/Y Transfer None

Pokédex Entries

Pokédex Entries
The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished.
They propel themselves by expelling absorbed seawater from their bodies. Their favorite food is life energy.
Black 2
Its body is mostly seawater. It's said there's a castle of ships Jellicent have sunk on the seafloor.
White 2
Its body is mostly seawater. It's said there's a castle of ships Jellicent have sunk on the seafloor.
Its body is mostly seawater. It's said there's a castle of ships Jellicent have sunk on the seafloor.
The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: all sunken, all lost, all vanished.
Omega Ruby
Alpha Sapphire



Leveling Generation V
Level Move Power Acc. PP Type Cat.
1 Absorb 20 100% 25 Grass Special
1 Bubble 20 100% 30 Water Special
1 Night Shade - 100% 15 Ghost Special
1 Water Sport - -% 15 Water Status
5 Absorb 20 100% 25 Grass Special
9 Night Shade 100% 20 Ghost Special
13 BubbleBeam 65 100% 20 Water Special
17 Recover –% 10 Normal Status
22 Water Pulse 60 100% 20 Water Special
27 Ominous Wind 60 100% 5 Ghost Special
32 Brine 65 100% 10 Water Special
37 Rain Dance –% 5 Water Status
45 Hex 50 100% 10 Ghost Special
53 Hydro Pump 120 80% 5 Water Special
61 Wring Out 100% 5 Normal Special
69 Water Spout 100% 5 Water Special

Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


Black White Black 2 White 2 Back
Jellicent BW JellicentMaleBackBW
Female Jellicent JellicentFemaleBackBW
JellicentMaleShinyBW JellicentMaleBackShinyBW
JellicentFemaleShinyBW JellicentFemaleBackShinyBW
X Y Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Back
Jellicent-M XY JellicentMaleBackXY
Jellicent-F XY [[File:‎]]
JellicentFemaleShinyXY JellicentFemaleBackShinyXY


  • In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, you can catch Jellicent in Undella Town (depending on which version you have, and what day it is). If you have Black 2, and it's Thursday, you can catch male Jellicent. If you have White 2, and it's Sunday, you can catch female Jellicent.
  • It may be the "king" and "queen" of the ocean, considering the tufts on top of their heads look like crowns and their all around regal appearance.
  • It also appears to look like Drifblim. Coincidentally, they are both part Ghost types.
  • Jellicent and its pre-evolution, Frillish, are the only dual-type Pokémon that can learn Water Spout.
  • Jellicent, along with 2 other Pokémon in Unova, have major gender differences in terms of looks. The other two are Unfezant and Frillish.
  • Despite being a Water-type Pokémon, its Ghost-type characteristics give it the ability to use grass-type moves.
  • Jellicent are unique for naturally having the ability Cursed Body.
  • It only learns Special and Status moves by leveling up. Coincidentally, competitive players regard it as a special wall, and to a lesser extent, special sweeper.


Jellicent is based on a jellyfish. It also slightly resembles an octopus.


Jellicent may be a combination of the words "jellyfish" and "descent" (as it is known to drag ships down to their doom beneath the sea). It might also a combination of jellyfish and translucent. It can also be taken from "magnificent", as it looks aristocratic.



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