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Janet is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced.


Season 6: Advanced

AG013 3

Janet surprised at her Beautifly's behavior for scolding Brock.

While practicing for the Contest, Janet's Beautifly flew off, onto May's head. Janet managed to track down Beautifly and scold it for its behavior. After introducing herself and her friend, Chaz, Janet explained she was training for the Contest, where Pokémon have to dazzle the audience with beautiful moves. Janet showed two ribbons, which motivated May to become a Coordinator as well. Since she was late, May decided to become Janet's assistant for the Contest. During the Contest, Janet warned May and Max the Pokémon's entry to the stage is quite important to impress the judges. Janet had May and Max toss some frizbees, allowing Beautifly to shatter them using String Shot, then Beautifly used Silver Wind and received a perfect score of 30 points. In the finals, Janet battled Chaz in a Contest battle, where Beautifly used flashy moves (like Morning Sun to recover itself). After Team Rocket appeared, May had Torchic burn the net, allowing Venomoth and Beautifly to blast them off. In the end, Janet won the Contest Ribbon, inspiring May to become a Coordinator, as well as to catch a Wurmple (and later evolve it into a Beautifly).


On hand

Pokémon Information
Janet used her Beautifly in the Contest Hall near Rustboro City.

Episode appearances

EP# Title
AG013 All Things Bright and Beautifly!
AG014 All in a Day's Wurmple

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