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|image = James' mom.jpg
|image = James' mom.jpg
|firstappear = [[IL048: Holy Matrimony!|Holy Matrimony!]]
|firstappear = [[IL048: Holy Matrimony!|Holy Matrimony!]]
|voiceact =
|voiceact = Megan Hollingshead (4kids)<br/>Eileen Stevens (PUSA)
|jname =
|jname =
|hometown =
|hometown =

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James' mother
James&#039; mom
Gender: Male
Region: Kanto
Family: James - son
James' father - husband
First Appearance: Holy Matrimony!
Voice actor: Megan Hollingshead (4kids)
Eileen Stevens (PUSA)

James' mother is a character appearing in Pokémon: Indigo League.


She and her husband had a happy life with their son, James. After James met Jessiebelle at a ball, James wrote a letter meant for Jessiebelle, so his parents gave him a chest to store the letter inside it.

Season 1: Indigo League

When James was lured into the mansion (believeing his parents died), James' father and mother appeared and took their son to Jessiebelle, a woman he should have married a long time ago.

Episode appearances

Indigo League

EP# Title
IL048 Holy Matrimony!

DP Galactic Battles

EP# Title
DP153 The Treasure Is All Mine!

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