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JE102: Plant It Now... Diglett Later

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Plant It Now... Diglett Later
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Master Quest Char. of the Day: Rita, Sure and the Diglett Village citizens
Episode №: #218 Main: Ash, Misty, Brock
Aired: JapanFlag October 4, 2001 Recurring: Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag November 9, 2002
Opening theme: Believe in Me Minor: Rita, Sue, Trinity (Recap), Mayor of Diglett Village, Town Council Members, Band of Diglett Thieves
Badge(s): Zephyrbadge Hivebadge Plainbadge Fogbadge Stormbadge Setting: Red Rock Isle, Diglett Village
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Misty's Togepi, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Cyndaquil, Misty's Poliwhirl, Brock's Crobat, Diglett (Multiple), Dodrio
Pokémon: Master Quest


With the Whirl Cup now behind them, Ash and co. focus on getting to Olivine City for his much anticpated battle with Jasmine. But while trying to get off Red Rock Isle, they encounter a village full of elders and two young girls named Rita and Sue. They explain that their village is attacked by Diglett thieves. Brock comes up with a plan to stop them, but will it work?


  • This episode is also part 9 of the 13 part Whirl Islands arc.
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