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JE062: The Grass Route

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The Grass Route
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Johto League Champions Char. of the Day: Ephraim
Episode №: #178 Main: Ash, Misty, Brock
Aired: JapanFlag December 21, 2000 Recurring: Jessie, James, Nurse Joy
UnitedStatesFlag November 3, 2001
Opening theme: Born to Be a Winner Minor: Ephraim, Ephraim's Father, Ephraim's Mother, Competitors in the Grass-Type Tournament
Badge(s): Zephyrbadge Hivebadge Plainbadge Setting:
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Team Rocket's Meowth, Misty's Togepi, Jessie's Wobbuffet, Ash's Chikorita, Ash's Bulbasaur, James' Victreebel, Ephraim's Skiploom (Skippy), Oddish, Gloom, Vileplume, Paras, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Exeggutor, Tangela, Bellossom, Hoppip, Sunflora
Major event(s)
Ash enters a Grass-type tournament and loses to Ephraim, Ash's Bulbasaur is revealed to know Take Down
Pokémon: Johto League Champions


With Ecruteak City drawing closer, Ash and co. decide to take a break. They notice a Skiploom that belongs to a young boy named Ephraim. He says that most people who head to Ecruteak pass through this grass route. Ephraim wants to have a Pokémon battle with Ash to see how strong he's gotten. The result, Ephraim lost. Later they hear about a local tournament for Grass-type Pokémon where the winner gets a supply of Leaf Stones. Who will win the tournament?


Pokémon Debuts

  • Skiploom


  • Ephraim's father was voiced by Scottie Ray, and Kayzie Rogers provided the voice for Ephraim's mother.
  • Brock gives a rare mention of Pokemon levels.
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