Tunnel Vision (プリンVSブルー! Jigglypuff VS Snubbull!) is the 3rd episode of Pokémon: The Johto Journeys.


En route to Goldenrod City, Ash and co decide to take the Onix Tunnel, only to be stopped by Jigglypuff and its Markerophone. On top of that we encounter Team Rocket and Snubbull again. Jigglypuff, Team Rocket, Snubbull and Onix, Oh my! Will our heroes be able to get out of Onix Tunnel in one piece? And has Wobbuffet taken over for Meowth?

Episode Plot

The heroes are about to travel through the Onix Tunnel. Ash knows he can count on his Squirtle to battle Onix, but remembers he left it. Misty tells she can use her Pokémon to battle. Brock sees it is getting late, so tells them to reschedule the tunnel for tomorrow. Jigglypuff follows them, but so does Snubbull. Team Rocket goes to the tunnel, though James and Meowth do not like the idea of going into it. Jessie reminds them the fastest way is to travel through the tunnel to next town. They travel inside and notice how quiet it is. Suddenly, they hear a noise, as Onix appear. James sends Victreebel (who gnaws on him), who uses Razor Leaf. However, the attack bounces off Onix, who retaliate using Rock Throw. Jessie sends Arbok, but Arbok gets binded. Meowth is glad he is not Arbok, but Jessie throws him to battle Onix. Meowth uses Fury Swipes, but does not do any effect on Onix. Team Rocket flee from the tunnel after Onix use Rock Throw.

James thinks they need some Water Pokémon. Meowth reminds they have none, but Jessie knows the red-haired twerp has got plenty, so they all plan to capture some of hers. The heroes are washing up, as Misty tells Psyduck to do the same. Brock greets Pineco, who self-destructs. Suddenly, the gang spots Snubbull and realize it is the same one from the rich lady's house. Ash sees she is searching for something, so they follow her. Team Rocket, however, are sneaking to get the twerp's Water Pokémon. Snubbull is searching, while the heroes find Jigglypuff, who sings. This causes the heroes, Team Rocket and Snubbull to fall asleep and get their faces drawn upon. Snubbull wakes up and sees Team Rocket gone. Upon seeing the reflection in a pool, she tries to get the drawing off. Snubbull spots Jigglypuff drawing upon Pidgey and goes to get the marker away, but Jigglypuff resists. Snubbull gets the marker and leaves Jigglypuff saddened.

The heroes go on their journey and encounter Jigglypuff once more. Ash and Misty go to run away, but Brock stops them, as he spots Jigglypuff is sad and has no marker. Jigglypuff points at its face, resembling a familiar Pokémon. They agree they feel sorry for it and go to help Jigglypuff find the marker. Team Rocket see they have to make a new plan. Jessie proposes a pitfall trap, making James and Meowth skeptical. Jessie points at a new shovel, so she can bounce on it and dig at the same time. Team Rocket dig and Snubbull approaches Meowth, biting his tail. Meowth screams in pain, though James and Jessie notice it is the same Snubbull from the rich lady's house. They also see Snubbull has been following Meowth for some time, thinking Snubbull is in love with him. Meowth is frightened about that idea. James think they can give Snubbull to the boss, while Jessie thinks that she can be as popular with Snubbull just as the red-haired twerp is with Togepi. Meowth protests, but Jessie tells him they had no choice about it. Wobbuffet comes out, while Jessie calls him back. Meowth tells either he goes or Snubbull goes. Jessie and James admit they have to take consideration what Meowth done to them, so pick Snubbull. They leave Meowth shocked, who goes away.

The heroes encounter a basket of food, but remember they have fallen into this encounter before. Ash thinks it may be a trap, but it may not be. Jigglypuff runs into the holes, so Ash's Bulbasaur pulls it up via Vine Whip. Jigglypuff gets annoyed and runs away, with the heroes following it and making Jessie and James angry as their traps were foiled. James wonders where Meowth is and Jessie reminds him they left him. Snubbull struggles from Meowth's grasp and runs away. Meowth realizes the motto wouldn't be the same without him, but wishes Jessie and James would look for him. The heroes search for the marker and cannot find it, making Jigglypuff leave them. Meowth comes to the Onix Tunnel and is afraid to go inside. Jigglypuff comes and tells him its microphone was stolen. Meowth sees it is a disappointment, but have to have dreams. Jigglypuff tells him its dream is to sing, while Meowth wishes the Pokémon he cared for was gentle to him, not rough. Jigglypuff hugs him and they cry. Meowth vows to make a dream team to make their dreams come true. Meowth tells the world is an apple that needs to be bitten, but he gets bitten by Snubbull.

Jessie and James appear, making Meowth glad they came to search for him, but is told they were following Snubbull. Jigglypuff spots its marker and goes to take it from Snubbull, who resists and get in a fight. Pikachu sees this and goes away. Meowth attempts to break the fight up, but Snubbull slaps him, so they all get in the fight. The heroes come and break up the fight, seeing Snubbull has the marker. Jessie and James see the red-haired twerp is here and tell they will take her Pokémon. Jessie and James chant the motto and Meowth goes to say his line in the end, only to be replaced by Wobbuffet. Jessie sends Arbok and Misty goes to send a Pokémon, but Psyduck comes out. James and Jessie beg her not to give Psyduck, so Misty sends a Poliwag. Arbok attacks and misses, only to be hit by Water Gun. James sends Victreebel, who chews him and Ash Chikorita. Victreebel uses Razor Leaf, only to be negated by Vine Whip. Poliwag slaps Arbok and Chikorita uses Razor Leaf on Victreebel. Jessie sees the twerps have been practicing, so sends Wobbuffet. Chikorita uses Vine Whip, but gets hit by her own attack via Wobbuffet's Counter. Poliwag's Water Gun pushes Wobbuffet, Arbok and Victreebel to Jessie and James, who blast off with Meowth with a Thunderbolt.

Snubbull follows Team Rocket and drops the marker. Jigglypuff picks it up and becomes happy and sings, putting the gang to sleep and drawing on their faces. Jigglypuff enters the Onix Tunnel and sings to the Onix. The heroes woke up and go through the tunnel, seeing Onix asleep and drawn upon. They realize giving Jigglypuff the marker was a good idea after all.


"How ya doin' today Pineco? Ready to have some fun?" - Brock
"(Pineco explodes.) We're already having a blast." - Brock
"Pineco." - Pineco


  • Now that Wobbuffet has been included in Team Rocket, every time they nearly finish the motto Wobbuffet pops up at the very end. This episode is the first to do so and has been going on like this until BW001.
  • This episode aired before The Fire-ing Squad in the English version.
  • The "Who's that Pokémon?" in this episode is Azumarill.


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