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|season = Pokémon: The Johto Journeys
|prev = JE005: Illusion Confusion
|prevnum = JE005
|next = JE007: Spinarak Attack
|nextnum = JE007
|name = Flower Power
|jname = キレイハナのバトルダンシング!
|image = JE006.png
|jnum = 122
|jair = November 18, 1999
|uair = November 11, 2000
|songs = Pokémon Johto
|machars = [[Ash]], [[Misty]], [[Brock]]
|rchars = [[Jessie]], [[James]],
|michars = [[Bailey]]
|pchars = [[Ash's Pikachu]], [[Team Rocket's Meowth]], [[Misty's Togetic|Misty's Togepi]], [[Ash's Heracross]], [[Jessie's Arbok]], [[James' Victreebel]], [[Bellossom]] (Belle and Bella), [[Wartortle]], [[Pidgeotto]], [[Oddish]], [[Psyduck]], [[Mankey]], [[Poliwhirl]], [[Alakazam]], [[Bellsprout]], [[Slowpoke]], [[Krabby]], [[Electrode]], [[Starmie]], [[Ditto]], [[Flareon]]
|local = Florando
|major =
|guest = [[Bailey]]}}
Making a brief pitstop in the town of Florando, Ash and co. meet a girl named Bailey and her two Bellossom, Belle and Bella. While performing a trick called the Bell-oop-de-loop, One of the Bellossom, Bella, falls to the ground. Can Bella master the Bell-oop-de-loop?
===Human Characters===
===Pokemon Characters===
*Misty meta-references the Pokemon anime series when she tells Ash that no one would want to watch a TV show about him and his Pokemon.
*Florando sounds like a play on of Orlando Flordia.
*The "Who's that Pokémon?" in this episode is Spinarak. 
*Heracross' lips were black in one scene.
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[[Category:Pokémon: The Original Series episodes]]
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