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Iron Island is an island in Sinnoh. The only way to get here is by boat from Canalave City. On the B2F, there is a man named Riley who trains on Iron Island with his Lucario. He joins the player to travel throughout Iron Island. After meeting Riley, two Galactic Gunts will block the exit. They challenge the player and Riley to a double battle, but are defeated. They eventually retreat, Riley then rewards the player with an egg containing a Pokémon. To get to B2F you need to head on the right stairs at the start of the caven. Then go up the first stairs on the left carry on round. Then after defeateing the picknicker you go roun him and head up the stars that lead to a lift step on it to go to B2F

Riley's Lucario

Lv. 34 (DP)/ Lv 41 (Pt) Moves:

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