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Inner Focus (Japanese: せいしんりょく Force of Will) is an ability introduced in Generation III.


In battle

Inner Focus is an ability that prevents the user from flinching in battle. The exception is when the user is attacked when preparing for Focus Punch.

Outside of battle

Inner Focus has no effect outside of battle.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#041 Zubat 041 Type PoisonType Flying
#042 Golbat 042 Type PoisonType Flying
#063 Abra 063 Type Psychic
#064 Kadabra 064 Type Psychic
#065 Alakazam 065 Type Psychic
#083 Farfetch'd 083 Type NormalType Flying
#149 Dragonite 149 Type DragonType Flying
#169 Crobat 169 Type PoisonType Flying
#203 Girafarig 203 Type NormalType Psychic
#215 Sneasel 215 Type DarkType Ice
#361 Snorunt 361 Type Ice
#362 Glalie 362 Type Ice
#447 Riolu 447 Type Fighting
#448 Lucario 448 Type FightingType Steel
#538 Throh 538 Type Fighting
#539 Sawk 539 Type Fighting
#619 Mienfoo 619 Type Fighting
#620 Mienshao 620 Type Fighting
#624 Pawniard 624 Type DarkType Steel
#625 Bisharp 625 Type DarkType Steel


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#115 Kangaskhan 115 Type Normal
#096 Drowzee 096 Type Psychic
#097 Hypno 097 Type Psychic
#107 Hitmonchan 107 Type Fighting
#197 Umbreon 197 Type Dark
#554 Darumaka 554 Type Fire

Mega Evolution

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#475 Gallade 475M Type PsychicType Fighting

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