This Klinklang is a steel-type Pokémon owned by Subway Boss Ingo.


Klinklang and Emmet's Durant stood next to their trainers as White battled a virtual trainer on one of the Battle Subway carts.[1] Klinklang was in a battle against White's Servine, Amanda. Amanda used Leaf Storm, to which Ingo told White that she should be aiming for the core. Ingo told Klinklang to turn its gears and charge up its energy to use an attack, but he suddenly noticed that it couldn't move. He noticed that leaves were jamming it and realised that it was from the Leaf Storm. Amanda went in to attack, with the battle ending in a draw.[2]. Klinklang and Durant were with their respective trainers as White caught a cold, when Ingo told her they should keep training and told Emmet that she would be ready soon to battle them.[3]

Known moves

None of Klinklang's moves are known. It was mentioned, however, that Klinklang can use Shift Gear.


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