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Ignis カエンの国 Spr Ignis Kingdom
Kaen Nation
Ignis Kingdom
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Warlord Hideyoshi

Gate of Ignis
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Ignis(Japanese:カエンの国Kaen Nation) is a kingdom located in southwestern Ransei, featured in Pokémon Conquest. It represents the Firetype, and is led by Hideyoshi. Its adjacent kingdoms are Aurora, Fontaine, Greenleaf, and Pugilis.


Hıdeyoshı Ignıs Warlord
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Battle Fıelds

The volcanic battlefield of Ignis features magma tiles, Hot Springs, Pillars of Fire, and a Volcano. Only Fire-typePokémon can stand on magma tiles. Hot Springs restore the HPand cure any status ailmentsof visiting Pokémon. Pillars of Fire are obstacles that can be extinguished by Water-, Rock-, or Ground-typeattacks. After the message "The Volcano has become active!" appears, several tiles of the battlefield are hit with Fire-type damage. Battles fought on Ignis's battlefield are set to a maximum of 20 turns, and victory is seized by defeating all enemies. If both armies are still standing when all 20 turns have passed, the army defending Ignis wins the battle.

Wild Pokémonl ocations


Floating Rock

Special Pokémon

On rare occasions, the following Pokémon will appear in the kingdom's regular wild Pokémon locations and stay there for a month. When this happens, the player is notified by a Messenger during the start of the month.

PC 513 Pansear

Shrine of Truth

The Shrine of Truth temporarily appears in the kingdom as a venue for facing Reshiram when the Hideyoshi and Reshiram Wi-Fi event has been downloaded and Hideyoshi is in the player's army.

PC 643 Reshiram

When the Shrine of Truth appears, a Messenger will appear and have the following exchange with Hideyoshi:

Messenger: "Th-This is incredible! A cave has appeared in Ignis! Overnight!"

Hideyoshi: "What?! Even I couldn't dig a cave in a single night!"

Messenger: "There is a Pokémon inside it, too! One that has never been seen before! It looks powerful... Most Warriors would not even dare to approach such a Pokémon."

Hideyoshi: "Hmm... That sounds interesting. I shall go and investigate!"

The Shrine of Truth has appeared in Ignis.

Other locations

  • Bank
  • Shop
    • "Buy and sell items."
  • Ponigiri Shop
    • "Increase Pokémon's Energy by feeding them ponigiri."
  • Mystery Springs
    • "Change your Pokémon's Abilities using the power of the Mystery Springs." (Appears after upgrading the Shop and the Ponigiri Shop to level 2, which is not possible in the initial story, due to the absence of Banks.)

Shop Items

Each Kingdom has a different set of items to offer at its store. Here are the available items and the corresponding shop levels.

Item Name Item Type Effect Shop Level
Potion Single Use Restores 20 HP.

Level 1+

Super Potion Single Use Restores 50 HP. Level 1+
Crimson Grace Single Use Restores HP when standing in magma (For 3 Turns). Level 1+
Paralyz Heal Single Use Cures Paralysis. Level 1+
Awakening Single Use Cures sleep. Level 1+
Antidote Single Use Cures Poison. Level 1+
Burn Heal Single Use Cures Burn. Level 1+
Ice Heal Single Use Cures freezing. Level 1+
Burn Block Single Use Prevents burning (for 3 turns). Level 1+
Hyper Potion Single Use Restores 200 HP. Level 2+
Max Potion Single Use Fully Restores HP. Level 3
Strategy Tome Equipment Raises a Warriors Wisdom Slightly. Level 1+
Padded Cloak Equipment Prevents Burning and Freezing. Level 1+
Harmony Flute Equipment Slightly increases the link with warrior's current Pokemon. Level 1+
Harmony Harp Equipment Increases the link with warrior's current Pokemon. Level 2+
Cheering Conch Equipment Occasionally makes moves more powerful. Level 3
Harmony Drum Equipment Significantly improves link with warrior's current Pokemon.

Level 3


The Legend of Ransei

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Defeat Nobunaga stories

Not Worth Fighting Over stories

Name Origin

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