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Ice Path

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Ice Path
こおりのぬけみち Ice Loophole
Information about Ice Path
Region: Johto
Connecting locations: Route 45, → Blackthorn City
Weather: Normal
Kind: Cave
Needed HM: Rock Smash, Strength
Generation(s) available: Gen. II and IV

Ice Path is a cave that starts in Route 45 and ends in Blackthorn City. It is a cave filled with ice, and can be very tricky to get through.

In order to have access to Ice Path, you must have beaten the Mahogany Town gym leader, Pryce. On the way to Ice Path, there will be trainers waiting to battle you.

At some point in Ice Path, you will find the HM Waterfall. There are also several more items in Ice Path.

In Ice Path, you must have taught one of your Pokémon Strength to push boulders down holes. But beware! Once you have pushed the boulder down the hole, it will sink in and will be unable to be moved again.

Once you are close to the exit to Ice Path, a Kimino Girl will be on the ice, saying she is stuck. You must crash into her to get her off the ice. Then you can exit Ice Path and you will be in Blackthorn City.

Ice Path is a great opprotunity to meet many Ice-type Pokémon. This includes Jynx, Swinub, and many other Ice types. As well as this, it is a great place to train your Pokémon to battle the gym leader Clair in Blackthorn City

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