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Ice Lake
こおりのみずうみ Ice Lake
Ice Lake Almia
Information about Ice Lake
Region: Almia
Connecting locations: ↑ North - Almia Castle
↓ South - Hia Valley
Weather: Snow
Kind: Normal

Ice Lake is an area in the northwest of Almia.


The player first arrives here on the way to Almia Castle. The Ice Lake requires a level two River Flow field move that is only possessed by Empoleon. This lake is filled with fast-moving tides, whirlpools and icebergs. When the player rides into a whirlpool, the player must start over again to make his way to the Almia Castle.


Sprite Pokémon Poké Assist Field Move
PR Raichu Sprite Raichu PA Recharge SofA Recharge SOA Recharge 4
PR Vulpix Sprite Vulpix PA Fire SofA Fire SOA Burn 1
PR Jynx Sprite Jynx PA Psychic SofA Psychic SOA Teleport
PR Empoleon Sprite Empoleon PA Water SofA Water SOA River Flow 2
PR Staraptor Sprite Staraptor PA Flying SofA Flying SOA Fly
PR Abomasnow Sprite Abomasnow PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 3
PR Glaceon Sprite Glaceon PA Ice SofA Ice SOA Crush 3


This is the only place where Empoleon can be captured.

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