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The Pokémon restores HP in a hail storm. Hail storms usually happen in winter, or a Pokémon can make one happen using a move.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#361 Snorunt 361 Type Ice
#362 Glalie 362 Type Ice
#363 Spheal 363 Type IceType Water
#364 Sealeo 364 Type IceType Water
#365 Walrein 365 Type IceType Water
#582 Vanillite 582 Type Ice
#583 Vanillish 583 Type Ice
#584 Vanilluxe 584 Type Ice
#712 Bergmite 712 Type Ice
#713 Avalugg 713 Type Ice


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#086 Seel 086 Type Water
#087 Dewgong 087 Type WaterType Ice
#378 Regice 378 Type Ice
#471 Glaceon 471 Type Ice


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