All Fired Up! (ファイヤー!ポケモンリーグかいかいしき! Moltres! Pokémon League Opening Ceremony!) is the 76th episode of Pokémon: Indigo League.


Seeing the torchbearer, Ash wants to carry the flame of Moltres. Despite Team Rocket taking the flame, Charles Goodshow, the president of the Torch Comittee, gives him more flame from Moltres. On the opening, Team Rocket appear once more and take the torch and plan it to use on Ash. Little do they know that the flame is a Pokémon...

Episode Plot

As the heroes go to the Plateau, Ash suddenly bursts, causing Misty and Brock to believe he is mad and Togepi to cry. Ash explains that when he thinks of the League, he cannot subdue himself from the joy. Misty confesses she never saw him this confident, but Brock knows this will change tomorrow, when the League begins. As they arrive at the outskirts at the league, the people suddenly cheer, making Ash believe they cheer for him. However, they pass him and the heroes turn around, seeing a torchbearer. Brock and Misty explain when the League starts, the torchbearer lights the fire of a Moltres to symbolize the beginning.

Ash believes he will catch and train Moltres, since it is more than a legend, but Misty discourages him he'd train it like Charizard. Nevertheless, Ash wants to carry the torch. He goes to the torchbearer and asks if he could carry it, but Jenny comes and tells only the approved competitors can carry the torch. Ash still wants to do it (as he shows the badges), but Jenny clarifies only approved ones can carry. However, an old man believes he has the spirit what it takes to carry the torch. Ash thinks this man is Santa Claus, but Jenny introduces the man as Charles Goodshow, President of the Pokémon League Torch Comittee. Misty tells he does not look like a President, but Ash knows that looks shouldn't matter, while Charles supports him, as deeds should be more important. Charles asks Ash if he'd like to carry the torch and Ash accepts.

Soon, the torchbearer gives Ash the flame. Ash tells Pikachu the flame is quite important and goes to the path to the League and is supported by the people between, with Jenny, Charles, Brock and Misty following him in the van. Team Rocket sees this and know they will take the torch to the HQ. As the van and Ash go, a crack opens in the ground, making the van fall in the hole. Ash soon sees Team Rocket is after the torch, as Meowth goes on him and scratches his face. Ash throws the flame and Meowth catches it, but burns himself. Pikachu gets the flame, while James sends Victreebel to soothe the flames. However, it gets burned as well. Ash, knowing that he'll regret this action, sends Squirtle, who uses Water Gun to douse the flames. Team Rocket is grateful, but still go to get the torch.

James goes to get it, but gets electrocuted by Pikachu. Ash and Jessie catch the torch and argue. Squirtle goes on Jessie and stretches her mouth, but Meowth tickles Ash, which causes him to lose the torch and Team Rocket depart with it. Though Misty, Brock, Charles and Jenny climb up, Ash is depressed he lost the flame. Charles goes to him and reveals his secret - he gets a lantern out with Moltres' fire, explaining if the torch goes out, the lantern would share the fire. Meanwhile, Team Rocket wants to maintain the fire, but when Meowth turns the heat up, the flame burns Team Rocket and douses out.

After a while, Ash gives Misty the torch and later Misty to Brock. From a distance, Ash sees the Plateau, while Charles comments tomorrow it will be filled with many people. In front of the Plateau, Brock gives Charles the flame. Charles expects them to be at the opening, to which the heroes agree. When they enter the village near the Plateau, Gary tells Ash he is late. Ash gets riled up and tells him he will win the League. Gary responds a real trainer would study his/her competition, tells Ash he needs to go away else he'd catch loseritis and walks away with his cheerleaders. During the night, Ash remembers what Brock, Misty and Gary told him and promises to prove them wrong by winning. He dresses up and walks away, though Misty wakes up and feels he is scared. Charles studies the stadium and notices Ash. Ash has doubts, but says he should give his best.

Next day, the opening commences. The trainers go in the stadium. Brock and Misty notice Ash and Pikachu nervous, while Gary seems confident. The final torchbearer appears and goes to the top to light the central torch. She is approached by two figures. Ash runs to the top, saying not to give the torch, but the figure takes the torch, as the figures reveal themselves as Team Rocket. Ash goes to take the torch, but James sends Weezing, who uses Smog. Worse, Team Rocket enters a machine, who takes the central torch away. Meowth tells to get the Pokémon, so the machine hops to the center. Pikachu electrocutes the robot, but it is electric-proof. Team Rocket goes to use the fire on Ash and his Pokémon, though Ash does not back down. Misty screams Ash's name, as the torch engulfs Ash, Bulbasaur and Pikachu in fire. However, they notice they don't take damage. Suddenly, Moltres appears and destroys the machine, blasting Team Rocket off.

With the central torch in position and Moltres being the fire, Charles makes a speech. He welcomes the trainers and clarifies the ones who truly love Pokémon will fight in here, as the fire burns brightly than ever. Ash thanks Moltres and says to Pikachu they finally came here.



Charles Goodshow


"(on Charles Goodshow) Is that Santa Claus?" - Ash


  • After Ash gets the fire from the torch, the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" theme song is played.
  • The Pokémon League opening ceremony has some similarities with the opening ceremony of the Olympics.
  • The "Who's that Pokémon?" in this episode is Seaking.