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The Bridge Bike Gang (あらしのサイクリングロード Stormy Cycling Road) is the 36th episode of Pokémon: Indigo League.


To take a shortcut, the heroes need to cross the bridge. Since they have no bikes to ride them, they go to a Pokémon Center. While Nurse Joy lends them the bikes to get medicine to an injured Shellder at Sunny Town, a mysterious group of bikers appear that block their path. Worse, Team Rocket asks their friends, Tyra and Chopper, to get the heroes' Pokémon. Though Officer Jenny disperses them, a storm arrives, so Ash, Misty and Brock have to ride through the storm...

Episode Plot

Just leaving the Safari Zone, Ash, Misty, and Brock comes across a bridge which could be used as a shortcut to Sunny Town. They are about to walk across it when a guard tells them that the bridge is not finished. Ash asks him if they can walk but he says that the bridge is over ten miles long and it will get dark by the time they got there. He also says that the road is not finished but the bicycle path is and if they had bikes they could cross as well. Misty complains that if Ash hadn't wrecked her bike, they could go across the bridge. Ash and his friends go to the Pokémon Center to think of a plan to get a bike. Nurse Joy is very worried and Brock asks her what's wrong. Nurse Joy says she's worried about a sick Pokémon in Sunny Town. The Nurse Joy in Sunny Town asked Nurse Joy to deliver some medicine to Sunny Town, but Nurse Joy is too busy to deliver it. Ash and his friends volunteer to deliver the medicine, but they don't have bikes. Nurse Joy lends them some bikes that the Pokémon Center owns. Soon, Ash and his friends are racing across the bridge to Sunny Town.

A bike gang approaches Ash and his friends. They try to escape, but they are surrounded. Chopper, the leader of the gang, says that they want an introduction. Ash, Misty and Brock introduce themselves and run off. Then A female biker, Tyra, exclaims that "introduction" means Pokémon Battle. Brock couldn't resist flirting with her and he not only gets slapped, he gets rejected. Ash accepts and sends out Bulbasaur and Chopper sends out Golem. Golem KOs Bulbasaur by using Tackle. Ash sends out Charmander and Charmander sets Golem on fire by using Flamethrower and Ember. When Golem uses Tackle, it begins rolling encased in flames. Everyone was scared to see the rolling ball of fire roll towards them and they run with their buttocks on fire from Golem. Ash and Charmander couldn't help but laugh their heads off. Chopper recalls Golem, but the Poké Ball get heated up from Golem, who is still on fire, and Chopper starts yelping while tossing the Poke Ball in his hands like a hot potato.

The lieutenant of the bike gang, Tyra, challenges Misty to a battle. Misty agrees and Tyra sends out Cloyster. Misty tries to sends out Starmie, but Psyduck pops out. Misty at first is outraged and tells the duck Pokémon she wanted Starmie, but then reluctantly decides to give Psyduck a chance. When Psyduck appears, the bike gang start laughing at Psyduck, one of the bikers saying he'd never seen such a pathetic Pokémon. Misty tells it to use Tail Whip, so he pathetically starts approaching Cloyster, butt first, shaking its tail. Ash starts laughing, too. Psyduck's "attack" fails and it pricks its butt on Cloyster's spiky shell. As Psyduck jumps into the air, screaming, Tyra and the entire biker gang laugh harder. After a few rounds of this humiliation, Cloyster attacks Psyduck and Misty loses the match. Team Rocket then appears and they say their motto. At first the biker gang are hostile, but when they see who they are for real, they treat Jessie and James like heroes because they used to be a part of their biker gang.

Jessie tells the gang a favor to help them to take care of Ash and his friends. Chopper agrees and Meowth orders the biker gang to capture Ash and his friends' Pokémon. Luckily, the police quickly arrive and Team Rocket and the biker gang leave. Officer Jenny offered to give Ash and his friends a ride, but then she said she had a job to do. Suddenly, the weather turned crazy and a storm came in. Meanwhile, Chopper and Tyra tells Team Rocket to ride through the storm on their unicycles.

At the Sunny Town Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy is getting worried because the sick Pokémon, a Shellder, is getting worse and Ash and his friends are nowhere in sight. On the bridge, a ship was passing by and the bridge raised up. Ash is determined to get across the bridge because if he waited, it would be to late for the sick Shellder.

Team Rocket tries to get across the up lifted bridge, but Ash bounces on their heads and knock them into the water. As the biker gang sees Ash ruin Team Rocket's stunt, they angrily challenge Ash to another battle. Ash says he can't because he has to get to Sunny Town and deliver medicine for a sick Pokémon. The biker gang realize how brave Ash and his friends are for trying to bike through the storm. The gang joins Ash and his friends to help them get to Sunny Town.

They finally arrive at the Pokémon Center and Nurse Joy immediately gives the sick Shellder the medicine. The Shellder immediately heals. The biker gang's new heroes became "Awesome Ash" and "Mighty Misty". Brock crushes on Tyra, telling her that she can call him "honey." Tyra responds by slapping him right across the face.






  • Chopper's bike is designed to look like Zapdos.
  • This episode marks the first time Misty pulls Brock away by ear when he flirts with a girl.
  • This episode marks the first time Misty tries to trick her opponent into attacking Psyduck's head.
  • The "Who's that Pokémon?" in this episode is Cloyster.


The narrator says that Ash and co. went to the Safari Zone, but in the English version of Pokémon this episode was skipped because it was banned.


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