Hydration is an ability introduced in Generation IV that keeps Pokémon from getting status conditions when it is raining or via using moves such as Rain Dance. It is one of two Abilities that heals status problems in a weather condition (the other is Leaf Guard).



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#086 Seel 086 Type Water
#087 Dewgong 087 Type WaterType Ice
#489 Phione 489 Type Water
#490 Manaphy 490 Type Water
#535 Tympole 535 Type Water
#536 Palpitoad 536 Type WaterType Ground
#594 Alomomola 594 Type Water
#616 Shelmet 616 Type Bug
#617 Accelgor 617 Type Bug
#704 Goomy 704 Type Dragon
#705 Sliggoo 705 Type Dragon
#706 Goodra 706 Type Dragon


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#131 Lapras 131 Type WaterType Ice
#134 Vaporeon 134 Type Water
#238 Smoochum 238 Type IceType Psychic
#339 Barboach 339 Type WaterType Ground
#340 Whiscash 340 Type WaterType Ground
#368 Gorebyss 368 Type Water
#370 Luvdisc 370 Type Water
#580 Ducklett 580 Type WaterType Flying
#581 Swanna 581 Type WaterType Flying


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