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Hunger is when the leader's belly stat beings to drop. As the team goes through a dungeon, the belly stat will drop. A normal Pokémon has 100 hunger points, and shiny Pokémon have 200. Once it gets to 19, the message "Getting Hungry" will appear. At 9, "Getting dizzy from hunger" will appear. Once the belly reaches 0, the leader will lose 1 HP every turn. Any food item will replenish some hunger. Apples will replenish 50 hunger points, Big Apples will replenish all hunger points, Huge Apples will replenish all hunger points and add 10 hunger points, and Golden Apples will replenish all hunger points and add 50 hunger points. Gummis replenish 50 hunger points. All edible items besides listed all replenish 5 hunger points, with the exception of the Grimy food, which can cause status effects if eaten.

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