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(バショウ Bashō)
Gender: {{{gender}}}
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Johto
Family: Unknown
Class: Team Rocket Agent
Friends: Attila
First Appearance: The Legend of Thunder!
Voice actor: Veronica Taylor

Hun is a member of Team Rocket. She appeared along with Attila in The Legend of Thunder!.

Hun and Attila are both quite calm in everything they do, from operating on missions to even retreating. Hun is the dominant partner and seems to only act when necessary.

Hun and Attila both seem somewhat set in their rank, and approach missions casually. They seem to keep their cool even when they lose; in these situations, they calmly retreat. Despite physical stereotypes, Hun is the dominant partner, telling Attila to do things that she could actually do herself. Attila doesn't object or show any signs of aggravation over this role, however.





  • Hun has been voiced by both men and women, as Hun was female in the English dub and male in the Japanese dub.
  • Hun and Attila are named after Attila the Hun.
  • Hun's English VA is Veronica Taylor.
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