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Sweet Honey)

Honey Jar
Buy For: Poké Dollar100
Sell For: Poké Dollar50
Type: Miscellaneous
Generation: IV

Honey is a method of catching Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. When put on certain trees, sometimes a Pokémon will appear later at 6 and a half hours. The player can tell what trees to put honey on by their yellow coloration. They can also be used on trees that cut can be used on. Honey can be purchased from a salesman in Floaroma Meadow, which is located north of Floaroma Town. Each honey costs 100 Poké dollars. You can find honey throughout the game as well. The Pokémon Combee's ability, Honey Gather, will find honey as it travels with the player in your active party. In Floaroma Meadow, there is a lot of hidden Honey. Honey is also used in Generation VI to attract hordes of Pokémon.

Pokémon found by using Honey

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