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Hoenn Route 115

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Hoenn Route 115

ばんどうろ Bandōro

Location Information
Location of hoenn Route 115 in Hoenn.
Connecting locations: ↑ North - Meteor Falls

↓ South - Rustboro City

Weather: Normal
Kind: Normal
Needed HMs: Surf, Rock Smash
Route 114--Hoenn Route 115 --Route 116

Route 115 is a route within the Hoenn region situated between Meteor Falls and Rustboro City, which is home to several Pokémon exclusive to this area.

Pokémon Appearances

Sprite Pokémon Habitat Rarity
Taillow Grass Common
Swablu Grass Common
Jigglypuff Grass Rare
Swellow Grass Rare
Wingull Grass/Water Rare/Common
Tentacool Water Common
Pelipper Water Rare
Magikarp Fishing (Old Rod, Good Rod) Common
Wailmer Fishing (Good Rod, Super Rod) Rare, Common


Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

Trainer Pokémon Level
Black Belt(M)RSEsprite
Black Belt
066 Machop 24
067 Machoke 28
Gain: Poké Dollar 1200
Trainer Pokémon Level
084 Doduo 24
Gain: Poké Dollar 2880
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