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Pokémon League
ポケモンリーグ Pokémon League
Hoenn Pokemon League Building
Location info
Region: Hoenn
Connecting routes: ↓South - Ever Grande City

Hoenn's Pokémon League is located north of Ever Grande City. This is the ultimate test for trainers, with the Elite Four and the Champion renowned as the greatest trainers in the region. Only those who posess the eight Hoenn Gym Badges may pass through its doors. It is a large yellow building with big doors.

There's a Pokémon Center and a Poké Mart inside the building so you can rest your Pokémon and stock up on essential items before taking on the challenge.

Elite Four

Hoenn Pokémon League iconThe Hoenn Pokémon LeagueHoenn Pokémon League icon
Elite Four Sidney
Type Dark
262 Mightyena Level 46 Type Dark
332 Cacturne Level 46 Type GrassType Dark
275 Shiftry Level 48 Type GrassType Dark
319 Sharpedo Level 48 Type WaterType Dark
359 Absol Level 49 Type Dark
Elite Four Phoebe
Type Ghost
356 Dusclops Level 48 Type Ghost
354 Banette Level 49 Type Ghost
354 Banette Level 49 Type Ghost
302 Sableye Level 50 Type DarkType Ghost
356 Dusclops Level 51 Type Ghost
Elite Four Glacia
Type Ice
362 Glalie Level 50 Type Ice
364 Sealeo Level 50 Type IceType Water
364 Sealeo Level 52 Type IceType Water
362 Glalie Level 52 Type Ice
365 Walrein Level 53 Type IceType Water
Elite Four Drake
Type Dragon
372 Shelgon Level 52 Type Dragon
334 Altaria Level 54 Type DragonType Flying
330 Flygon Level 53 Type GroundType Dragon
330 Flygon Level 53 Type GroundType Dragon
373 Salamence Level 55 Type DragonType Flying


Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

RS Steven
Champion Steven
Type Steel
227 Skarmory Level 57 Type SteelType Flying
346 Cradily Level 56 Type RockType Grass
344 Claydol Level 55 Type GroundType Psychic
348 Armaldo Level 56 Type RockType Bug
306 Aggron Level 56 Type SteelType Rock
376 Metagross Level 58 Type SteelType Psychic

Pokémon Emerald

Champion Wallace
Type Water
321 Wailord Level 57 Type Water
073 Tentacruel Level 55 Type WaterType Poison
340 Whiscash Level 56 Type WaterType Ground
272 Ludicolo Level 56 Type WaterType Grass
130 Gyarados Level 56 Type WaterType Flying
350 Milotic Level 58 Type Water
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