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Hilda is the female protagonist in Black and White. She's the counterpart to Hilbert. She is often referred to as White while Hilbert is often referred to as Black.


Hilda is a tall, slender girl with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. Her top hair is covered by her hat, this being why it's unknown what her hairstyle is. In the Adventures Manga, her counterpart, White, has been shown without her hat several times.

Hilda wears a white tank shirt that reaches her waist underneath a black waistcoat and a pair of denim shorts with white tear details on them. She also wears black wristbands with a small pink stripe on them with matching black ankle boots, pink laces and soles, and a pair of black socks underneath. Hilda also carries a pink messenger bag around.


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Black and White

If you choose to play as a female in Black and White, you will get her as the player character. If you choose the male player, you can meet her at the Battle Subway as a partner.

Black 2 and White 2

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Main article: White (Adventures)


Hilda's VS Sprite

Hilda's Battle Sprite

Hilda's Wonder Launcher
Battle Sprite

Hilda's Back Sprite

Hilda's Overworld Sprite
Hilda's challenge

Hilda's sprite

Spr BW Hilda 2

Back Hilda

Hilda's Icon




Black and White

Main article: Hilda's Battle Subway Pokémon


  • At the Pokémon Black & White Tour in the Pokémon Black & White demos she was referred as "Whitlea".
  • Even though she and her counterpart Hilbert do not appear in the sequel of Black and White, they are mentioned by several characters in the game that met them in the first part of the game. 
  • Hilda's mother and Nate/Rosa's mother have known each other since childhood. Hilda's mother was a Pokémon trainer and Nate/Rosa's mother was a Pokémon nurse that worked at a Pokémon Center.
  • Along with Rosa, she is the only playable character in the main series to not wear red.


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