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Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!

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After training Piplup and Cyndaquil in her home in Twinleaf Town, Dawn decides she wants to go to Hoenn to participate in the Pokemon Contests there. She is not sure who to take with her, so she stops by Professor Rowan's lab. However, Rowan needs help with a new trainer named Shinko who is not sure who she should pick as her starter Pokemon, similar to how Dawn felt when she began her journey. When the new Chimchar and Piplup escape from the lab, Dawn agrees to help find them, with Shinko following her taking notes on the way. They eventually find that the Chimchar and Piplup have been trapped by an Ariados. Cyndaquil saves them, but all of the other Ariados in the area attack them, including a powerful shiny Ariados that traps them with a Psychic attack. Cyndaquil suddenly evolves into Quilava, saving everyone from the Ariados with its powerful Eruption attack. With the new Pokemon saved, Dawn decides that she will take all of her Pokemon with her to Hoenn.

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