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(ヒデヨシ Hideyoshi)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ignis
Region: Ransei
Class: Warlord Leader
First Appearance: Pokémon Conquest

Hideyoshi is the leader of the Fire-type Kingdom of Ignis in Pokémon Conquest who the hero and Oichi encounter. Behind the cheerful exterior of this Warrior lies an unusually sharp intelligence and a rare capacity to see things as they really are. His left and right hand men are Hanbei and Kanbei.

Main Story

Hideyoshi sends his thugs to harass Oichi and the hero. After losing he retreats.

They meet him again in the kingdom of Viperia helping Nene and are defeated again.

He is seen again during the final confrontation between the hero and Oichi siding with Nobunaga and his troops. After the final battle the hero gives him his castle back and holds no grudges.


Image Pokémon Information
Hideyoshi 2 PC 390
PC 391
PC 392
PC 643
Hideyoshi - A character paired with Infernape in the trailer and a Monferno in leaked images.

PC Hideyoshi R1

PC Hideyoshi R2

PC Hideyoshi R3


  • Rank 1: Quick Strike. Increases Range and makes enemies flinch.
  • Rank 2: Grand Dream. Two treasure boxes will appear upon defeating an enemy. Increases Energy (for 3 turns).
  • Rank 3: Great Uniter. Two treasure boxes will appear upon defeating an enemy. Increases Energy and Attack (for 3 turns).


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