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Adding videos to your wikia is a great way to highlight content and give people another way experience your wikia's topic. It's easy to add a video:

  • Find a video you like (stop by the Wikia Video Library to check out our selection)
  • Copy the video's URL
  • Visit your wiki page, hit edit, then choose “video”
  • Paste in the URL of your video, choose the details & hit save

Wikia supports embedding videos from a variety of sources, which are listed below. Please note that videos embedded from YouTube may not have been uploaded with proper licensing and permission, and could potentially be removed from YouTube at any time. By embedding videos from the Wikia Video Library you can be confident that the clip is properly licensed for use on your wiki, through one of our partners.

Displaying Videos

Related videos module

Videos can be embedded in your article page, added to an infobox or added into a gallery or slider. Wikia also offers features that help to visitors find interesting videos on your wiki.

Videos Module

The Videos Module is another feature that helps to surface video on your wikia for readers and contributors, by suggesting videos in the right rail. Videos can also be added to a wiki using the button in this module.

Special Videos page

All of the videos currently available on a wiki can be seen on the page Special:Videos, which is linked from the "On the Wikia" navigation tab. New videos can be added to the wiki using the button at the top of that page, or by using the Video Embed Tool when creating or editing a page.


Special Unused Videos page

Videos that have been added to the wikia but are not used on any pages are listed on Special:UnusedVideos.

Video views

We track all video views and display them on the video thumbnail. This number is based off of how many times someone has clicked the thumbnail to watch the video and when the video has been played on a file page. This number is tracked internally by Wikia and may differ from how other providers track their video views. 


Here are some pages on various wikis where video has been incorporated in interesting ways:

Supported sites

Videos can be embedded from a variety of internet video providers:

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