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A sample infobox

Infoboxes are like fact sheets, or sidebars in magazine articles, designed to present a summary of the topic of the page. They present important points in an organized and quickly readable format. The sections of an infobox are usually the same from article to article to create consistency across the wikia. Infoboxes are made with templates.

Step by step

Wikias generally come with built-in infobox templates that can be customized to fit the style and content of the wikia and topic. Here's how to get started.

  • Open an article page for editing in visual mode.
  • In the right rail under the "Templates" section, choose the "Infobox" option. It will open a popup window for editing the content of your infobox.
  • The fields in the infobox may vary from wikia to wikia, but here are some generally standard options:
  • Title - the name at the top of your infobox. Generally also the title of the page. For example: Bob
  • Image - the name of the (previously uploaded) image you would like to appear in your infobox. For example: Flower.jpg
  • Imagewidth - the width (in pixels) of the image as you would like it to display. For example: 300px
  • Row 1 info - the content for the first row of information. For example: Human
  • Fill out the content to the best of your knowledge, and click "Preview" to see your work.
  • When you're ready to add the infobox, click "OK" on the infobox editor, and then "Publish" on your page.

Congratulations on adding your first infobox!

You can adjust the code that manages your infobox by editing the source of your infobox. If you're using the standard infobox template, this page will be at Template:Infobox on your wikia.

Advanced customization

Some communities create elaborate infoboxes with advanced custom CSS and template code work. All code is publicly available on Wikia, so you can simply look at their template files to see how they created it, and borrow ideas for your own infoboxes.

If you need help with technical details, you can ask for advice from other users who've edited infoboxes successfully before, or raise a question in our Community Forums.


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