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Type Electric  Type Normal
Species Generator Pokémon
Abilities Dry Skin
Sand Veil
Solar Power (DW)
Clawitzer ← 694 → Heliolisk
Kanto N/A Johto N/A
Hoenn N/A Sinnoh N/A
Unova N/A Coastal Kalos 046
Evolves From None
Evolves Into Heliolisk
エリキテル Elikiteru
Generation VI
Evolutionary Line
50% ♂ / 50 % ♀
Weight Height
13.2 lbs. 6.0 kg 1'08" 0.5 m
Pokédex Color Egg Group
Yellow Monster
Body Style Footprint

Helioptile (Japanese: エリキテル Elikiteru) is an Electric/Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.



Helioptile is a small yellow quadrupedal reptilian Pokémon that resembles a frilled lizard. It has round blue eyes and long thin, floppy deep gray ear-like appendages with yellow triangular tips which dangle from either side of its head. Helioptile's body is mainly bright yellow; its feet, the tip of its long tail and the top of its head are deep gray. Its body is slinky and thin, with tiny clawed feet and a long tail. Helioptile's head is quite large compared to its body. The top of its round head is slightly conical in shape.

A Shiny Helioptile has a bright red body with some yellow patches.


Helioptile absorbs solar rays to generate electricity. It also charges itself in the sun in such a way it doesn't need to eat. Also, when it is attacking, it opens the "ear-like" structures on its head.


Helioptile evolves into Heliolisk by the use of a Sun Stone.

Game data

Game locations

Helioptile Locations
Version(s) Location Rarity
X/Y Route 9 Uncommon

Pokédex entries

Pokédex Entries
They make their home in deserts. They can generate their energy from basking in the sun, so eating food is not a requirement.
The frills on either side of its head have cells that generate electricity when exposed to sunlight.


Leveling Generation VI
Level Move Power Accuracy PP Type Category
1 Pound 40 100% 35 Normal Physical
1 Tail Whip - 100% 30 Normal Status
6 Thunder Shock 40 100% 30 Electric Special
11 Charge - -% 20 Electric Status
13 Mud-Slap 20 100% 10 Ground Special
17 Quick Attack 40 100% 30 Normal Physical
22 Razor Wind 80 100% 10 Normal Special
25 Parabolic Charge 50 100% 20 Electric Special
31 Thunder Wave - 100% 20 Electric Status
35 Bulldoze 60 100% 20 Ground Physical
40 Volt Switch 70 100% 20 Electric Special
45 Electrify - -% 15 Electric Status
49 Thunderbolt 90 100% 15 Electric Special

Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.

3D Models

X Y Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Back
Helioptile XY HelioptileSpriteBack XY
HelioptileSpriteShiny XY HelioptileSpriteBackShiny XY


Alexa's Helioptile
Main article: Alexa's Helioptile

Alexa had the Helioptile who traveled with her from Kalos to Unova.


  • No other Pokémon has same type matchup of electric/normal except for Helioptile and its evolution Heliolisk.


Helioptile is a play on words Heliophile (Something attracted to the sun or light) and Reptile. Helioptile, as its Japanese name implies, is based on a frilled neck lizard.

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