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Pokémon with the Harvest ability can only be obtained from the Dream World. Pokémon with this ability have a 50% chance of restoring their held berry after use at the end of each turn. However, if the effect of Sunny Day is active, then the probability changes to 100%. The ability can also recover berries used for Fling or Natural Gift, but it can't recover a berry if it was stolen or switched between users, like with Thief or Trick. The ability can only be used once per turn, so for example if a berry recovered by this ability is immediately used at the end of a turn, then it will not restore it again until the end of the next turn.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#102 Exeggcute 102 Type GrassType Psychic
#103 Exeggutor 103 Type GrassType Psychic
#357 Tropius 357 Type GrassType Flying
#708 Phantump 708 Type GhostType Grass
#709 Trevenant 709 Type GhostType Grass

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