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Harrison (Hoenn)

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(ハヅキ Hazuki)
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Hometown: Littleroot Town
Region: Hoenn
Family: Unnamed Grandfather
Friends: Ash, Misty, Brock, Gary Oak
Class: Trainer
First Appearance: Pop Goes the Sneasel
Voice actor: Wayne Grayson (English)

Katsumi Toriumi (Japanese)

Harrison is a Pokémon Trainer from the Hoenn region who appeared in the Silver Conference.

In the anime

Harrison fought against Ash Ketchum and defeated him, although later he was defeated. Later in that episode he helped Ash, Gary Oak, Brock, Misty and some others free a group of Misdreavus from under a fallen tree. He is good friends with Gary Oak. It is also known that in his battle with Ash in the Silver Conference, he managed to put Ash's Charizard in a hospital.


On Hand

Pokémon Information
Harrison's Blaziken is a powerful Pokémon which defeated Ash's Charizard. After the battle with Ash, Harrison decided to not use Blaziken in the next round because he thought it was injured.
Pokémon Information
Harrison's Houndoom was the first Pokemon Harrison was seen to have. It appears to be his main Pokemon as it's usually seen outside it's Pokeball.
Pokémon Information
Harrison's Snesel first appered in JE149: Pop Goes the Sneasel as a wild pokemon, but it was later caught by Harrison in the same episode.
Pokémon Information
Very little is known about Harrison's Miltank as she only appeared in JE152: Tie One On!, where she calmed down an argument between Jackson's Meganium and Azumarill, and Ash's Squirtle and Bulbasaur.
Pokémon Information
Kecleon was used as Harrison's first Pokémon to battle with Ash in the Johto League. It fought and lost against Ash's Pikachu.
Pokémon Information
Hypno was used to battle against Ash in the Johto League. It managed to defeat Ash's Totodile but lost against Ash's Snorlax.
Pokémon Information
Steelix was used to battle against Ash in the Johto League. It managed to defeat Ash's Noctowl but lost against Ash's Snorlax.


Pokémon League Status

  • Kanto Conference (Indigo League) Unknown
  • Silver Conference (Johto League) Loses to Jon Dickson: Top 4
  • Ever Grande Conference (Hoenn League) Unknown

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