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For the variant appearing in the games, see Lucas (game).

Hareta is the main protagonist of the manga, Diamond and Pearl Adventure!.


Hareta wears a white undershirt with a black vest over it, a red scarf, baggy blue jeans, with red and grey shoes. He also wears a dark red hat with a white and black semi Poké Ball on the back.


Hareta is described as " A wild boy who has a special bond with Pokémon." He is often naive and childlike which leads to the fact that he doesn't understand much about the real world. This is due to the fact that he has spent most of his life living in a forest with Pokémon as his companions. Like N, he can also understand what Pokémon are saying and deeply cares for them. However, he does not believe that people and Pokémon should be separated.


When Hareta was born, his father Kaisei left him in the care of Professor Rowan in order to continue his Pokémon journey. Professor Rowan noticed as Hareta was growing up, he seemed to get along with the local Pokémon.[1] Hareta and Mitsumi arrived at Jubilife City and Hareta jumped around to see how to the city looked like. He then jumped in front of the cameraman and accepted the battle from the reporter. Hareta failed to throw his Poké Ball correctly and Mitsumi scolded him for what he did. Hareta ran off to search of Dialga when Mitsumi reminded him of it. Hareta encountered some Team Galactic Grunts and Hareta was angry at them since he noticed that they were the ones that controlled Onix. The Team Galactic Grunts later kidnapped both Hareta and his Piplup by using B-2's Wurmple's String Shot. Before B-2's Zubat was able to land an attack on Hareta, Roark's Cranidos saved him and chases the Team Galactic Grunts away. After being saved, Hareta challenged Roark for a Pokémon battle and while he was battling Roark, he learned some things about a Pokémon battle and also enjoyed the battle. Piplup was able to defeat Roark's Cranidos and Roark gave Hareta the Coal Badge.[2]

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Hareta's Empoleon
Hareta chose Piplup after he tried to lift a boulder that was actually an Onix sleeping. The Onix went crazy after that because a Team Galactic Grunt was controlling it and Mitsumi told Hareta to choose one of the Pokémon to attack it. Piplup didn't like Hareta at first, but they settled it and became one of the most powerful Pokémon teams. Piplup evolved after escaping the Galactic Veilstone Building because Mitsumi removed the Everstone attached to Piplup before Hareta confronted Cyrus. Piplup had so much experience that it evolved into Prinplup, then Emploleon all at once. Empoleon knows moves such as Hydro Pump, Surf and Drill Peck.
Piplup → Prinplup → Empoleon
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Luxray
Shinx was one of the first Pokémon Hareta captured. He captured him when Jun told him how to catch Pokémon. Shinx's first battle was when he was against Mars's Zubat. Luxio evolved when he was battling Koya's Absol in the Pokémon League. He knows powerful moves such as Spark.
Shinx → Luxio → Luxray
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Misdreavus
Misdreavus was caught on Harteta's journey to Eterna City in the Eterna Forest and is a big part of Hareta's team. Misdreavus has never evolved (Hareta never got his hands on a Dusk Stone) and knows powerful moves such as Spite and Skill Swap.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Onix
Hareta caught Onix at Iron Island when he was training there.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Lucario
Riolu is probably the only fighting type on Hareta's team. It was first an egg given from a man named Riley who lives on Iron Island. It hatched after a short while. During a battle with Candice, it evolved to defeat her Regirock and Regice.
Egg → Riolu → Lucario
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Zubat and Geodude
Hareta caught Geodude at Iron Island when he was training there.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Zubat and Geodude
Hareta caught Zubat at Iron Island when he was training there.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Regigigas
Regigigas was caught at the Snowpoint Temple after Hareta defeated Candice. Hareta understood Regigigas' thoughts about being forced to sleep, so the Colossal Pokémon joined his team. It is a powerful member of Hareta's team and a good friend too.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Bonsly
Hareta caught Bonsly on his way to the Team Galactic headquarters.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Kadabra
Hareta only used his Kadabra in his battle against Mitsumi.
Pokémon Information
Hareta's Chingling
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Pokémon Information
Hareta's Minun
Minun was given as an egg by Hareta's father, Kaisei. It hatched in the rampage with Heatran.
Egg → Minun


Pokémon Information
Deoxys DPA
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Pokémon Information
Shaymin DPA
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Pokémon Information
Giratina DPA
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