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Hanbei is one of the two Warriors who serves Hideyoshi along with Kanbei. He only appears after Nobunaga is defeated. He is a genius with astonishing brainpower and a confidence that doesn't quite fit his appearance, his dream is to spend every day sleeping.

Special Story (The Reluctant Genius)

He is put in charge by Hideyoshi and has Kanbei as his underling.


Image Pokémon Information
Hanbe PC 172
PC 025
PC 026
Hanbei - A character paired with Pikachu.


  • Rank 1: Added Bonus. Increases probability of inflicting status ailments on enemies (for 3 turns).
  • Rank 2: Lazybones. Blocks enemy critical hits and status ailments for all allied Pokémon (for 3 turns).


  • Hanbei has the lowest Power of any Warlord. This is likely a reference to his historical counterpart having tuberculosis, an illness that killed him midway through his life. He is also alluded to be sick during the end of his story, The Reluctant Genius.


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