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Hala is a character appearing in the Sun & Moon series who is the Kahuna of Melemele Island in the Alola region.


Hala is a stocky old man, who has white hair tied in a ponytail as well as white eyebrows and moustache. He wears a blue shirt under his yellow jacket with flower pattern, a shirt tied in a knot over a red and white fan. He also wears white shorts and white/blue flip-flops. In addition, Hala has squinty eyes.


Hala comes off as a friendly man. However he talks to himself a bit, questioning Tapu Koko's methods and reasons.


Sun & Moon

Hala helped out in an accident by placing wooden logs back on the cart. Hala welcomed Ash and Kukui's help, and noticed the former had a Z-Ring. The next day, Ash and Kukui visited Hala, who was making Z-Rings. Ash recalled he got his Z-Ring from Tapu Koko, which made Hala realize that Tapu Koko snatched one of the Z-Rings one night, noting it must like Ash a lot. Ash wanted a Z-Crystal to use to battle against Tapu Koko, but Hala wanted to ask him a question. He wondered how would Ash resolve the Rattata and Raticate problem. Ash claimed he would battle them, but Hala explained the trials were meant to encourage young people to defend their homeland and preserve the peace between people and Pokémon. Thus, he wished an answer that does not involve fighting, which made even Kukui wonder how to solve the problem. Some time later, Ash reported back to Hala, claiming they needed Gumshoos and Yungoos to drive them away, since they were Rattata and Raticate's natural enemies. Hala was impressed by the answer, though Ash admitted his friends helped him out. Hala simply explained those were times when people had to help each other out. Eventually, they came to the cave with Gumshoos and Yungoos, where Hala shouted out a challenger has arrived. Ash battled against a Yungoos and a Gumshoos first before the large Totem Gumshoos arrived. Hala explained to Ash he needed to defeat the Totem Gumshoos to finish the trial. Ash had Rowlet and Pikachu combine forces to topple down Gumshoos. Hala declared Ash the winner and was surprised that Gumshoos gave the Normalium Z to Ash, since Totem Pokémon usually don't hand out the Z-Crystals. In the end, once the Rattata and Raticate were driven away, Hala told Ash he would be waiting for the Grand Trial to start.[1]

The next day, once Ash and Kukui arrived to Iki Town, Ash and Hala went to the Ruins of Conflict. There, they both spoke a prayer to Tapu Koko to bless their Grand Trial. Since Ash's legs became numb, Hala laughed, stating their prayer was over. Ash wondered if Tapu Koko heard their prayer. Hala was uncertain, but both of them soon heard the cry of Tapu Koko. Arriving on the battlefield, Kukui reminded Ash about the Z-Moves before the Grand Trial started. Hala sent Crabrawler to battle against Ash's Rowlet. Rowlet managed to evade Crabrawler's Bubble Beam and hit it with Peck. Just as Rowlet went to repeat its attack, Crabrawler used Brutal Swing to wound Rowlet. Rowlet tried to use Leafage on Crabrawler, but was deflected by its Bubble Beam attack. Hala warned his strength was on a different level, causing Ash to change his strategy. As Rowlet repeated its attack, Crabrawler used Bubble Beam to stop the attack. Rowlet's silent movement managed it to execute a surprise Peck attack on Crabrawler. Crabrawler went to hit Rowlet with Power-Up Punch, but was defeated by Rowlet's Tackle. Hala called Crabrawler back and complimented Ash, though he noted Rowlet overworked itself that it went to sleep. Next, Hala sent Hariyama, who blocked Pikachu's Iron Tail with Fake Out and retaliated with Knock Off. Hariyama continued to endure Pikachu's attacks and, after using Belly Drum, it used All-Out Pummeling, the Z-Move triggered by Hala's Z-Crystal. Pikachu was wounded, but endured the attack. After injuring Hariyama's leg with Iron Tail, Pikachu executed Breakneck Blitz, the Z-Move Ash triggered. The attack blew Hariyama away and knocked it out, making Ash the winner of the Grand Trial. Hala was impressed by the battle, feeling the joy that Ash and Pikachu shared when executing the Z-Move. As Hala went to give the Fightinium Z crystal, the crystal was quickly replaced by an Electrium Z. Hala laughed, seeing that it must've been Tapu Koko. Kukui also made a party for Ash's victory, and Hala was present, too.[2]

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