Hal is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced Battle.


Hal, when he was a young boy, accidentally went into one of the holes made by Trapinch. When he woke up, he saw an underground lake, which were inhabited by Trapinch. Those Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, which made Hal overexcited, so much he forgot how he came out of the underground. Still, he became a scientist and researched Trapinch, all to find the same place with Elisa, his friend, who did not believe in his story.

Season 8: Advanced Battle

Hal was being chased by a Donphan, so Elisa sent Meganium, who stopped Donphan with Sweet Scent. Hal was grateful and introduced himself to the heroes. He told he was tracking down a Trapinch that had his transmitter, all to find the underground cave, where Trapinch would evolve. After Team Rocket interfered, Hal watched as Ash, Elisa, Team Rocket and Pikachu went into the hole. Hal warned Brock, May and Max the underground was a labyrinth, though, by accident, he fell into the hole. Fortunately, Hal picked up the transmitter's signal and followed the Trapinch to the underground lake. Eventually, Hal found the underground lake, where he met up with Elisa and the heroes. Elisa saw Hal spoke the truth and felt like a fool for not trusting him. After Team Rocket, who tried to snatch the Vibrava that evolved from Trapinch, were blasted off, Hal saw they had to find a way to get out of the cave. Once everyone flew off with Vibrava out of the cave, Hal decided to keep it a secret from other people. He was also glad to have gone to this expedition with Elisa and blushed along with her.

Episode appearances

Episode Title
AG107 Beg, Burrow and Steal


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