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(コンコンブル Concombre)
Gurkinn anime
Gender: Male
Hometown: Shalour City
Region: Kalos
Family: Korrina (granddaughter)
Friends: Ash Ketchum, Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, McGinty
Class: Trainer/Mega Evolution master
First Appearance: Mega Revelations!
Voice actor: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese)
Jason Griffith (English)

Gurkinn is one of the characters that appear in Pokémon X and Y.





Main games

X & Y

Gurkinn is the head of the Tower of Mastery, renowned as the "Mega Evolution Guru" because he knows more about Mega Evolution than Professor Sycamore. He is also Korrina's grandfather and a descendant of the first trainer to Mega Evolve Lucario.



Main Series

On hand
Pokémon Information
Gurkinn Blaziken
Gurkinn ordered his Blaziken to guard the Lucarionite in the Geosenge Town's cave. It then battled Korrina and her Lucario, who were trying to get the Lucarionite. At first Blaziken seemed to have defeated Lucario but Lucario made a comeback and was able to corner Blaziken with his Bone Rush. Gurkinn then ended the battle en retrieved Blaziken.
Pokémon Information
Gurkinn Lucario
Gurkinn used his Lucario to battle against Korrina and her Lucario. Gurkinn is also able to Mega Evolve his Lucario. At the end of the battle, Gurkinn's Lucario won the battle.
Lucario ↔ Mega Lucario


  • His real name, in the game, was revealed by the player character talking to the orange hair girl in the room at the second floor.
  • Gurkinn is one of the few trainers from the game series that used the Mega Evolution exclusively in the anime that didn't use it in the games.

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