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Guile Hideout (ガイル・ハイダウト Guile Hideout) is the main villan in the Emerald arc.


Guile Hideout first appeared in the Battle Factory, where Guile attacked Noland and stole all the Rental Pokémon. Guile Hideout appeared again in Artisan Cave, where Guile Emerald from capturing Jirachi. Here, Guile faces off against all the Frontier Brains excluding Noland. All the attacks Frontier Brains' Pokémon were easily deflected by Guile with a swipe of his sword. It was later revealed that the sword of Guile contains both Reflect and Light Screen components.

Guile makes another appearance after Emerald challenged the Battle Arena, this time, Guile captures Jirachi.

Guile revealed himself to be Archie and wished to Jirachi for a "sea monster capable of devouring everything in its path."

But soon, with the help of the nine other Pokédex owners, Guile was defeated by Emerald and the sea monster was destroyed by the ultimate moves, Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon, which were used by Red's Venusaur, Blue's Charizard, Green's Blastoise, Gold's Explotaro, Crystal's Meganium, Silver's Feraligatr, Ruby's Zuzu, Sapphire's Toro, and Emerald's Sceptile.

Archie's armor was split in half by Red's Poliwrath and Gold's Politoed. Archie went looking for his armor and when he found his armor, before Archie could reach it, Archie vanished in a big flash of light.

It was then revealed that Guile's Armor and Sword were both named "Eternity" and "Instant" respectively and were given by a mysterious person after the Groudon and Kyogre affair. The armor's purpose was to extend one's life to an eternity since the inside of the armor had a different time zone from the outside world, much like Mirage Island. Archie needed this since his body was slowly dying, which is the result of absorbing the Red Orb. The casualty was Maxie's death at Archie's hands for the sword and the armor.

At the end of the Emerald Arc, Crystal leapt behind Archie seconds before he disappeared, asking him who gave him the sword and the armor. His last word was "Galac...".

In the Diamond and Pearl Arc, it was revealed that the person who gave him the armor was a Team Galactic Commander. The reason why she gave him Archie the sword and armor was to help in the investigation of Jirachi, though she notes that she did not want someone as evil as Archie to die.


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