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[[File:Wigglytuff_pmd2.png|thumb|left]][[File:Guildmaster_wigglytuff_and_chatot.jpg|thumb|Wigglytuff and Chatot]]
#REDIRECT [[Wigglytuff (character)]]
'''Guild Master Wigglytuff''' is the owner of "the guild" in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon]] Time, Darkness and Sky. Chatot is his "right hand man". Don't mistake Wigglytuff for his cuteness, for he is very strong. His"Yoom-Tah!!!" has been spoofed countless times. He also made some appearences in anime. His temper [tamtrums] is feared by all guildmembers. One way to set these off is to have the guild run out of Perfect Apples. (Guild master - Perfect Apples = very, VERY bad thing!)
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