The Guide Gent is an old man living in Cherrygrove City who supplies your character with a quick tour of Cherrygrove and a Map Card. He is found in Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver versions.

Gent gifts the player with a pair of Running Shoes and teaches the player how to use them; the sign placed outside of his home in the heart of Cherrygrove reads "Full-of-Energy, High-Speed Old Man", which may refer to his Running Shoes.

When the player heads north of Cherrygrove to Route 30 they can encounter Gent once more, where he will load the Map Card in the PokéGear.


As soon as the player sets foot in Cherrygrove City, Gent will talk to them and his tour will commence.

He will first teach the player about the Pokémon Center, talking about its functions. Secondly, he will direct them to the Poké Mart, talking about the items that are sold there. After this he will direct the player to Route 30, telling them about the route's main attraction, Mr. Pokémon's house and the fact that trainers will be seeking battles there. Subsequently, he will direct them to the sea west of Cherrygrove. The final destination of his guide is at his own house, where he will gift them with the Running Shoes.

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