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Type Ground

Ground-type Pokémon are affiliated with the ground and earth. Many Ground Pokémon are also partially Rock-type. These Pokémon are particularly weak to Water, Ice, and Grass-type moves.

Abilities of Ground Pokémon

Known Ground Pokémon Trainers

GiovanniB2W2 BerthaPlatinum ClayBWsprite Shingen
Kanto Gym Leader Giovanni Sinnoh Elite Four Bertha Unova Gym Leader Clay Terrera Warlord Shingen

Ground Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
027 Sandshrew 028 Sandslash
Nidoran♀ Nidorina 031 Nidoqueen Poison; Only Nidoqueen is Ground
Nidoran♂ Nidorino 034 Nidoking Poison; Only Nidoking is Ground
050 Diglett 051 Dugtrio
074 Geodude 075 Graveler 076 Golem Rock
095 Onix 208 Steelix Onix is Rock & Steelix is Steel
104 Cubone 105 Marowak
111 Rhyhorn 112 Rhydon 464 Rhyperior Rock
194 Wooper 195 Quagsire Water
207 Gligar 472 Gliscor Flying
220 Swinub 221 Piloswine 473 Mamoswine Ice
231 Phanpy 232 Donphan
246 Larvitar 247 Pupitar Tyranitar Rock; Tyranitar isn't Ground
Mudkip 259 Marshtomp 260 Swampert Water; Only Mudkip isn't Ground
290 Nincada Ninjask Bug; Only Ninjask is Flying
Shedinja Bug; Only Shedinja is Ghost
322 Numel 323 Camerupt Fire
328 Trapinch 329 Vibrava 330 Flygon Dragon; Only Trapinch isn't Dragon
339 Barboach 340 Whiscash Water
343 Baltoy 344 Claydol Psychic
383 Groudon
Turtwig Grotle 389 Torterra Grass; Only Torterra is Ground
Burmy 413B Wormadam Bug (Sandy Cloak)
Shellos 423A423B Gastrodon Water; Only Shellos isn't Ground
443 Gible 444 Gabite Garchomp Dragon
449 Hippopotas 450 Hippowdon
529 Drilbur 530 Excadrill Only Excadrill is Steel
Tympole 536 Palpitoad 537 Seismitoad Water; Only Tympole isn't Ground
551 Sandile 552 Krokorok 553 Krookodile Dark
618 Stunfisk Electric
622 Golett 623 Golurk Ghost
645 Landorus Flying
Bunnelby 660Diggersby Normal; Only Diggersby is part Ground
718Zygarde Dragon

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