For the variant appearing in the games, see Grimsley.

Grimsley is a character in Pokémon Adventures, who is a member of the Elite Four in the Unova region.


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Black & White arc

Grimsley was on Route 4 because he, presumably, had information regarding Team Plasma and had decided to set a trap for them there. He wore a hood and cape, concealing his identity as he played card games with the construction workers to entertain them during their lunch break.

When Black approached him afterward, Grimsley invited Black to play a different game with him: Bisharp made a line in the sand, and he and Black had to try and guess which side of the line a Drilbur (perhaps belonging to a construction worker) would surface on. He didn't tell Black that this game was a trap for a Team Plasma member, as he specifically told all the real workers not to come go over there. A Team Plasma fell into the trap (literally, as Drilbur had been burrowing around). Coincidentally, Grimsley won the Drilbur game against Black at the same time, the final score being 4-3.

Black demanded to know why Grimsley was here; Grimsley claimed he didn't have a problem with telling Black, but made it into a bet: if Black won, Grimsley would tell him why, while if Grimsley won, Black would have to give up his most precious items, because that information was important to Grimsley. When Black passed out from indecision, Grimsley was concerned and then realized that Black was debating whether to bet his badges. He said that not betting his badges was the right decision and left while Black was unconscious, but not before finding a flier about Relic Castle in the Team Plasma member's possession. Grimsley left a note with the Team Plasma member, saying that this man was a bad guy and they could do what they want with him.

Grimsley presumably went to Relic Castle.

Grimsley was next seen at the Pokémon League with Shauntal and soon joined by Caitlin and Marshal as well. They talked about Alder losing to N and then disappearing, as well as Team Plasma becoming a problem. Marshal tried to convince them but Caitlin refused and so did Grimsley, saying he'll only protect himself if necessary.


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