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(ギーマ Giima)
Game(s): Black and White
Preferred Type: Dark
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unova
Debut Generation: V
Elite Four Ranking: 2nd
Class: Elite Trainer

Grimsley is the second member of Unova's Elite Four who specializes in using Dark-type Pokémon.



Charming and mysterious, Grimsley displays similar behavior to that of a upper class gentleman. However his rather snide smile and scheming posture may indicate that he is somewhat of a schemer among his cohorts.



Black and White

Black 2 and White 2


Main article: Grimsley (Adventures)


BW battle sprite

B2W2 battle sprite

VS. Sprite


Black and White

Black 2 and White 2

First Battle



Battle against grimsley

The battle against Grimsley

  • In Black 2 & White 2, Grimsley's staircase has a mechanism of some sort with things that look like scythes, a weapon used by the Grim Reaper.
  • The first time when Grimsley is battled, his Scrafty is a male, while in the second time it is now a female.
  • When the player battles the Unova Elite Four for the first and second time, almost all of Grimsley's Pokémon are females.
  • Grimsley's appearance is based on a vampire, partly because his room is similar to those in vampire castles, such as Dracula.
  • Grimsley's hair looks like the whiskers of Liepard.
  • In the second battle with Grimsley, the only Pokémon that is male is his Sharpedo.
  • Part of Grimsley's name is "grim" which fits the motif of Dark-type Pokémon being tied to death in some way.
  • Grimsley is the third elite four to use dark type Pokémon the other two being Sidney and Karen.
  • Grimsley's family tree fell to ruins, afterwards he started to have a habit of gambling.
  • The first time you battle Grimsley, his Bisharp is premature (Pawniard doesn't evolve until level 52).
  • In Black 2 & White 2, Grimsley's character sprite has him holding a coin, while in Black and White, he doesn't hold anything.

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