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*[[Dry Skin]] - Just the [[Paras]] family.
*[[Dry Skin]] - Just the [[Paras]] family.
*[[Early Bird]] - Just the [[Seedot]] family; This is a {{Type|Flying}} ability.
*[[Early Bird]] - Just the [[Seedot]] family; This is a {{Type|Flying|Bird}} ability.
*[[Effect Spore]]
*[[Effect Spore]]
*[[Flower Gift]] - Unique to [[Cherrim]].
*[[Flower Gift]] - Unique to [[Cherrim]].

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Type Grass

Grass-type Pokémon are Pokémon that have abilities associated with plant life and nature. Grass-type moves are strong against Water, Ground and Rock-type Pokémon. Grass-type Pokémon are weak against Ice, Flying, Bug, Poison, and Fire-type Pokémon.

Abilities of Grass Pokémon

Grass Pokémon Trainers

ErikaB2W2 GardeniaB2W2 CilanBWsprite
Kanto Gym Leader Erika Sinnoh Gym Leader Gardenia Unova Gym Leader Cilan

The Grass Type Pokémon

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
001 Bulbasaur 002 Ivysaur 003 Venusaur Poison
043 Oddish 044 Gloom 045 Vileplume Poison
182 Bellossom
046 Paras 047 Parasect Bug
069 Bellsprout 070 Weepinbell 071 Victreebel Poison
102 Exeggcute 103 Exeggutor Psychic
114 Tangela 465 Tangrowth
152 Chikorita 153 Bayleef 154 Meganium
187 Hoppip 188 Skiploom 189 Jumpluff Flying
191 Sunkern 192 Sunflora
251 Celebi Psychic
252 Treecko 253 Grovyle 254 Sceptile
270 Lotad 271 Lombre 272 Ludicolo Water
273 Seedot 274 Nuzleaf 275 Shiftry Only Seedot isn't Dark
285 Shroomish 286 Breloom Only Breloom is Fighting
406 Budew 315 Roselia 407 Roserade Poison
331 Cacnea 332 Cacturne Only Cacturne is Dark
345 Lileep 346 Cradily Rock
357 Tropius Flying
387 Turtwig 388 Grotle 389 Torterra Only Torterra is Ground
Template:Not from type 470Leafeon Only Leafeon is Grass
420 Cherubi 421421B Cherrim
455 Carnivine
459 Snover 460 Abomasnow Ice
492A Shaymin (Land Forme)
492B Shaymin (Sky Forme) Flying
495 Snivy 496 Servine 497 Serperior
511 Pansage 512 Simisage
540 Sewaddle 541 Swadloon 542 Leavanny Bug
546 Cottonee 547 Whimsicott
548 Petilil 549 Lilligant
556 Maractus
585585A585B585C Deerling 586586A586B586C Sawsbuck Normal
590 Foongus 591 Amoonguss Poison
597 Ferroseed 598 Ferrothorn Steel
640 Virizion Fighting


Delta Species Grass Pokémon


  • All known Grass-Type Evolution Lines have their Grass type Except for Leafeon.
  • All grass type starter pokemon resemble a lizard/dinosaur of some sort.
  • The grass type has the most weaknesses of all types except for Rock, which it ties with.
  • The Grass type starter for the Kanto region, Bulbasaur, is the only basic stage duel typed starter pokemon.

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