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Grant's Aurorus
ザクロのアマルルガ Zakuro's Amaururuga
Grant's Aurorus Adventures
Trainer: Grant
Ability: Refrigerate
Debut: Shooting Frogadier
Current location: With Grant

This Aurorus is a rock/ice-type Pokémon owned by Grant.


Aurorus traveled with Grant around Cyllage City's surroundings, for Grant had to investigate the crash. Grant soon found out it was Cassius who crashed the helicopter and started yelling at him.[1]

Aurorus traveled with Grant to Laverre City, where Grant met up with Olympia and Valerie about the crisis of Kalos, namely Team Flare.[2]

After seeing the Ultimate Weapon was about to be launched, the Gym Leaders and their Pokémon, including Grant, his Aurorus and Tyrantrum, tried to seal the "bud", preventing its activation.[3]

After the battle was over, Grant sent Aurorus and Tyrantrum to help rescue people and Pokémon that were affected by the Ultimate Weapon's blast.[4]

Grant and Aurorus, along with other Gym Leaders, were fighting Team Flare forces, stationed at other cities.[5] Clemont recalled how the Pokémon, including Aurorus, surrounded Delphox, but Shauna's Tri-P would't leave it alone.[6]

Known moves

None of Aurorus' moves are known.


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