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Grandma Wilma

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Grandma Wilma
(タツばあさん Grandma Tatsu)
Region: Sinnoh
Class: Move Tutor
First Appearance: Diamond and Pearl (Games)

Grandma Wilma, or simply Wilma, (Japanese: タツばあさん Grandma Tatsu) is an old Move Tutor who teaches the powerful Dragon-type move known as Draco Meteor. She can be found living alone on Route 210 in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, where she can teach the move to the player's Dragon Pokémon if it has max friendship. She can also be later found in Blackthorn City.

In the anime

In the anime, Wilma owns one Pokémon, Altaria, which knows Draco Meteor. Ash and friends met Wilma on their way to Daybreak Town. After helping save her Altaria from Team Rocket, she showed them the way to Daybreak Town. During her time alone, she also befriended a Gible. After it met Ash, it left Wilma and began following him.


Pokémon Information
Altaria was a Pokémon Wilma trained for a trainer to use Draco Meteor. As it succeeded, Team Rocket got it because it knew Draco Meteor. Nevertheless, Altaria was saved and given back to Wilma.

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